All You Need to Know About Online Money Transfer to Senegal

The country Senegal located on the west of the African continent has allowed its 632,000 citizens to go abroad and they account for 4.9% of the total population of the state. It was estimated that 70% of Senegalese families have one or two members living abroad, and most of them have left their dear ones behind to add some comfort to their lives. When they send money to Senegal, the remittance becomes the primary source of income for their family.

According to the report of the world bank, Senegal received remittances of £1.8 billion in the year 2017, and it is a quite significant part of the country.

So, when people save enough to send money back to their homeland, they have two options. Either they can send it through informal channels or the formal ones. There was a time when people used to fill envelopes, close them, write a receipt of details and hand it over to a transfer agent. This process was time taking and not secure – simply not good enough.

If we think about those people, we get to know that they would not have imagined that one day this task will be done in a mere 10 minutes and that too from the comfort of their home.

Why Not Conventional Money Transfers Methods:

Have you ever faced a problem?

  • Delay in money transfer
  • High transfer fee that can be up to 10% of your whole money
  • Lengthy procedures and recurrent visits to banks
  • Unnecessary form filling

Have you ever thought of getting rid of these problems for the rest of your life? YES! There is a permanent solution. There is no need of wasting money for the only purpose of transferring it because you can avail of better options.

Your Remittance Partner:

Online money transfer is an innovation in the world of remittance – introduced to everyone, especially immigrants, to resolve their issues. The main reason behind this initiative was to reduce transfer time and promote trust-based relationships.

Over time some excellent assistance options were added by different service providers to make your transactions worthy and your experience enjoyable. Today, you can look for your favourite prospects and find the perfect match according to your requirements.

All in One Package:

What will be your reaction if you get to know that you can avail more than a half dozen assistance options at a time when you transfer money to Senegal? Okay, let me read your mind! Is it possible? YES, it is possible and that too from the comfort of your couch.

Your next question should be, how? You can avail of all these benefits by connecting to a brilliant service like ACE Money Transfer which has made its name in the industry with hard work.

ACE Money Transfer Gives You the Following Services as A Treat

  • Highest currency exchange rate
  • Minimum remittance fee
  • Multiple cash pick up locations
  • Various payment methods

Join the Incredible ACE Money Transfer

For joining this incredible service, you do not require any particular subscription.

Simple gadgets like a desktop or mobile phone and an internet connection will do it all for you. To transfer money to Senegal, all you need is to:

  • Register yourself at ACE
  • Complete your account with required documents
  • Select payment method
  • Add valid details
  • Pay online

With the help of a few clicks, your money will be delivered to your family or friends whom you send it.

Wrap up:

The money you earn after a lot of hard work is worthy enough not to get wasted in the mere process of transferring it. You need to send a maximum of it, and similarly, your family deserves a maximum of it. So, when you send money to Senegal, you should use the best source available.

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