The Helicopter Game

What is the Helicopter Game?

The helicopter game is a simple and addictive online game that involves flying a helicopter through a side-scrolling landscape while avoiding obstacles such as walls and blocks. The objective of the game is to fly as far as possible without crashing into any obstacles.

The game is played using the arrow keys or mouse to control the helicopter’s altitude and movement. The helicopter is constantly moving forward, so the player must navigate through the landscape by carefully controlling the helicopter’s height and avoiding obstacles. The game is often set to a background of an 8-bit style landscape with simple graphics and sounds.

The game has become popular due to its simplicity and addictive gameplay. It has been widely distributed on the internet and is often used as a casual distraction or time-waster.

How to play

  • Hold the left mouse button or spacebar to increase the helicopters altitude.
  • Release the left mouse button or spacebar to decrease the helicopters altitude.
  • The helicopter will automatically travel forward through the level.
  • As your flying through the level you will be presented with obstetrical.
  • Control the helicopters altitude to navigate through the level and avoid the deadly obstacles.

About the game

Think you’re the world’s best helicopter pilot? Put your skills to the test by piloting a helicopter through a series of obstacles in the classic Helicopter Game.

The Helicopter Game is simple. Use your left mouse button to move the helicopter up, then let go of the mouse button to lower the helicopter. Time your actions carefully to avoid the floating obstacles and see how far you can travel without crashing.

The further you travel, the higher your score. The Helicopter Game records the furthest distance you’ve traveled, making it easy for you to keep track of your progress as you hone your skills to get deeper into the cave and become a better pilot.

As you get deeper into the black and green cave, the obstacles you’ll face become even more difficult, requiring expert levels of concentration and coordination to make it further without any crashes. Get deeper into the game and you’ll need expert pilot skills to keep on going.

The Helicopter Game is one of the most famous Flash games of all time — a classic that’s been around for years. It’s been played by millions of people around the world for more than 10 years, making it one of the web’s top browser-based games.

What makes Helicopter Game so great is its simplicity. There are no keyboard controls to worry about or beautiful graphics to distract you from the core gameplay. Instead, the mechanics are simple and straightforward — keep going while avoiding the obstacles.

Click and the helicopter goes up; stop clicking and the helicopter goes down. Touch the top or bottom of the cave and you’ll crash, setting the helicopter on fire. Crash into any of the floating obstacles and you’ll experience the same fate.

This simplicity has made the Helicopter Game widely imitated over the years, with mobile and browser game developers putting their own spin on the timeless theme of getting deeper and deeper into the cave.

Search online and you’ll find copies featuring everything from cars to birds, all of which build on the simple mechanics of the Helicopter Game. Or, if you’d like to develop your piloting skills the old fashioned way, you can stick with the original.

Is it a waste of time? Sure — in fact, it’s the perfect online time waster. But it’s a time waster that will help you develop your coordination and motor skills while you play, as well as giving you an ever-increasing “distance travelled” score to improve.

The Helicopter Game runs within your browser and uses very few resources, meaning you can play it on almost any PC. Since it uses Flash Player, you might need to enable Flash in order to play the game if you use a browser like Google Chrome.

How many metres do you think you can travel? If you’ve got time to spare and feel like enjoying an amusing and surprisingly addictive challenge, get your button-clicking finger ready, put your brain into focus mode and jump into the pilot’s seat.

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