RTP of slot machines

If you are attracted to slot machines, you should not only look at their design but also know their RTP. It can minimize the advantage of the online casino and give you more chances to win.

Do you want to know what it is? Today we’ll give you an orientation about the best online slots and the percentages of return that you can’t lose sight of

What is the RTP?

If you see the acronym RTP, it means “return to player”. The RTP refers to the fact that the total amount bet on an online game will be returned within a time. Note that the return to the player is expressed as a percentage. Therefore, if that percentage is high, it is possible to win more often in that game.

It is worth mentioning that, the RTP is a theoretical percentage, so it does not apply to long loss periods nor to massive random hits. That is, if the advantage in an online casino is 5%, the RTP would be 95% theoretically speaking. Likewise, the result of each game will be different and will depend on luck.

The RTP will only tell you what the average player gets in a game. Some may lose more than $95 and others may win more than $100. This indicates that the RTP is never met as it is. Otherwise, you would miss the excitement of the game, knowing that it will happen in advance.

RTP of slot machines

In the case of slot machines, the RTP is still the rate of return of the game. For example, if you place a thousand dollar bets on a slot machine that has an RTP of 97.01%. As a player, you expect a return of $970.10 for the $1000 you bet.

If you are a smart player it will be very important to know the percentage of RTP of the slot machines. If the online casino where you are going to play does not show this percentage, then avoid this game. This is because they will be offering a return to the player that is too low and not convenient.

It’s important to note that, because of the dynamics of the game, you bet money much faster on slots than on other games. So, RTP has become a fundamental factor for a player to decide to try a machine. So, don’t play slots with 93% RTP.

The volatility of slot machines

Don’t be surprised that some players want to try out slot machines with low RTPs. The reason is that these games work differently; some may be low volatility and other high volatility.

Low volatility slots are those where there is little chance of losing your money very quickly. These games pay out modest prizes, but very regularly. This means you will always have money in your pocket even if it is small.

On the other hand, high volatility slot machines have lower RTP. However, even if they pay out winnings less often, the moment they do, you can hit the jackpot by thousands of dollars. This is a risk that many players consider worth taking.

Slots with the best RTPs

You will find thousands of slot machines online, but it is not so easy to determine which ones have an RTP of 96% or higher. We recommend that when making your choice you consider that there may sometimes be variations in the RTP. These variations will be following the number of pay lines in the game and the number of rounds played.

The machines with the highest RTP

  • Ugga Bugga from Playtech has an RTP of 99.07%.
  • NetEnt’s Mega Joker with 99% RTP
  • Cosmic Mission: Rival’s Mystery Planet RTP reaches 98.95%.
  • NetEnt Jackpot 6000 has RTP of 98.86%.
  • 1429 Unknown Seas belongs to Thunderkich and the RTP is 98.60%.
  • Sirena de la suerte created by MGA has an RTP of 98.50%.
  • Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix by Barcrest has an RTP of 98%.
  • Jokerizer developed by Yggdrasil has an RTP of 98%.
  • Blood Suckers by NetEnt has a 98% RTP.
  • Kings of Chicago by NetEnt has an RTP of 97.80%.
  • Hot Ink by Playtech with RTP of 97.49%.
  • Romance Inmortal belongs to Microgaming with an RTP of 96.86%.

Researching the RTP of slots before you start playing is a smart strategy. There are websites like Xfire that collect valuable information and perform strict tests to recommend the best options for online casino games.

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