The Significance of Gamification in the Entertainment Industry

Over the last few years, gaming has been continuously integrated into many of the largest sectors of the entertainment industry. While the traditional console market is constantly looking at ways to further develop their approach to gaming, a variety of online markets have looked to gamification as a method of increasing their consumer base and retaining their existing customers. In particular, gambling websites and the online casino market have turned their attentions towards modernising their consumer journey and interaction with their platforms through the introduction of contemporary games.

As a result of that fact, we’re going to consider how and why the change has occurred in recent years, along with also looking at some examples of gamification within gambling websites.

What is gamification and why has it occurred?

To put it simply, gamification is the process of taking an already existing platform, such as a website, and integrating a variety of different game mechanics into it to motivate several factors including engagement, loyalty, and participation. Ultimately, the introduction of this modern-day approach seeks to extend the vastness of business opportunities through the formation of new relationships. Moreover, the strategy can also have significant influences on internal operations. According to a report by Gartner, 40 percent of global 1000 organisations are using gamification to motivate and encourage positive behaviour as well as workforce productivity.

As stated above, the approach is integrated into different marketplaces with the overriding aim of increasing interaction and productivity of both external and internal users. Furthermore, the use of gamification can build greater levels of engagement, and this is key to sectors such as online gambling. The integration also ensures more prominent levels of accessibility that aren’t restricted to specific industries, which helps to strengthen extrinsic motivations.

Examples of gamification

Since the rise of the digital era, competition in the vast majority of businesses has reached new heights. Rather crucially, within the online gambling market, gamification is essential to consumer retention. When it is applied properly to this sector, it allows users to experience more ‘big win’ opportunities across a range of entertaining titles. While the gambling sector has seen huge advancements in recent times, including developments onto the mobile market, gamification looks to entice new users by merging console titles and mechanics with traditional casino games.

As pop culture is such a big aspect of contemporary society, it should come as no surprise to see many gambling sites centering several of their new releases around popular book, film or video game genres. For example the games at Lottoland, such as Gold Rush, John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure, Viking Glory and many more, are focused around enhancing user experiences and familiarity through being based on popular Hollywood genres. For example, the aesthetic of the treasure hunter and the treasure-hunting narrative has been widely enjoyed across franchises like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft for many years.

Could gamification be the future?

With its external and internal benefits, gamification could soon be used across a wide range of different industries. In regards to the online gambling market, its integration has been vital to the continued retention of existing consumer bases, and because of that, it could long be part of the sector’s future.

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