Images: advertising vehicle par excellence

The invention of the LED in 1962 certainly revolutionized the technological field, but it had a huge impact, over the years, in marketing and advertising. In recent times, advertising has enhanced the impact of the message conveyed through images, and this has been accompanied by a rapid progress in technologies and screens.

Being able to leverage the involvement of the potential customer is now a fundamental aspect of communication and marketing. Communicating any message immediately is certainly the strength of increasingly widespread high-tech means such as LED displays.

The advantages of outdoor LED screens

Surely opting for a direct and immediate communication like the one that passes through images and videos today seems a wise strategic choice made by a company. The initial investment can be repaid by an increase in brand reputation, and a growth in the company’s identity.

That’s why many companies – but also institution – nowadays choose to rely on the help offered by outdoor LED displays to catch the attention of the passers-by  in public and outdoors environments.

It is not by chance that these giant LED screens are becoming more and more present in all those areas particularly busy with people, such as city streets, important squares, facades of shopping centres or buildings.

In step with the times and fashions

The public has become somewhat accustomed to ‘static’ advertising on printed billboards and for this reason tends to no longer be attracted and interested to it: passers-by and people in general are now looking for something astonishing and hence for something innovative, the so-called ‘wow effect’. Think of the squares or strategic points of large cities now attracts the interest of the consumer who projects the most evocative and captivating images.

In addition, these screens can be managed remotely, allowing for real time adjustments and editing. This allows the creator to access the result with more speed and ease, making communication between the company and potential customers almost immediate.


Among the features of these LED screens, you cannot ignore the fact that they have a low environmental impact.  In fact, these have the great merit of not negatively affecting the environment.

This can be evaluated thanks to various factors: first of all the absence of mercury within its components, harmful to the ecosystem. In addition, outdoor LED screens produce a light five times more powerful than halogen lights without emitting UV rays.

Unmatched brightness

As mentioned, LED displays allow you to reproduce images with a higher brightness and this allows you to create a suggestive impact on the user, who attracted by the brightness and definition, will pay more attention to the message conveyed.  Moreover, thanks to LED technology with excellent resolution, it is possible to offer a defined and well-kept image of the brand and the company. High-definition images and videos communicate attention to detail and reinforce the brand and its impact on consumer choices.

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