Can you Create a Unique Ecommerce Experience?

It can be hard for online businesses to chart truly new territory. Many of them like to claim they’re innovators, but the truth is, much of what they’ve done has been covered before – often by someone better.

Therefore, striving for a true sense of originality in this field might seem like a hopeless endeavour. Nevertheless, it’s quite possible to chart your own path, even with methods you may have heard of before. Moreover, it can be a constant process; what happens online can become old news fast, and you must always push forward into uncharted areas.

Despite recent findings indicating that ‘the death of the high street’ may be more of a myth, few can deny that online shopping experiences are here to stay. It’s more convenient for everybody, even you as a business owner, but only if you’re creating a customer experience that’s as unique as possible.

How can you achieve this? We have some ideas, and we’ve listed them for you down below.

Be Heartfelt

Some people believe that the digital world is a vapid hellscape. It’s true in certain corners of the internet, but not all of them, and you have to make that distinction clearly.

The more heartfelt your ecommerce venture is, the more original it might appear. You can draw on your firm’s founding story and any hardships you endured to achieve what you have thus far. Developing a generous customer referrals program could also be exciting, rewarding some customers with bringing new ones.

You could also develop progressive environmental and social policies. Such efforts are on-trend and might not seem wholly unique. Still, there’s room for originality here – volunteering with charity organisations in interesting ways, starting fundraiser events for lesser-known topics and subjects, and more. It all creatively builds awareness and helps your ecommerce venture appear more upstanding and ethical in an age where consumers are becoming more sceptical.

Get Help From a Shopify Agency

A Shopify agency in the UK will have previously worked with ecommerce ventures like yours. However, rather than their client list causing them to run out of ideas, they will build on their experiences to offer fresh, original web design solutions.

For example, this Shopify Plus agency prides itself on designing, developing, launching, and optimising websites for brands while on a mission for steady growth. All stores developed are curated to provide compelling and unique ecommerce experiences. Partnering with them would be worthwhile, ensuring you create an unrivalled service in your niche.

This Shopify agency in London will know what ground has been trodden a thousand times over. They’ll be able to better forecast the future of your industry and be better equipped to find and address weak points in your existing ecommerce strategy. Though they work with many clients, no two solutions will be the same.

Strive For Omnichannel Dynamics

An omnichannel experience means your ecommerce venture is comfortably spread out across multiple digital platforms. People can interact with your business and buy products on the main website, social media, or marketplaces belonging to third parties.

Yes, people have done this before. But how you approach these solutions can help your company stand out here. There are a few steps you should consider following here:

  1. Mapping your typical customer’s journey with your digital offerings using real-time data analytics.
  2. Studying how they found you and how easily they access different touchpoints on the journey.
  3. Analysing how each channel supports the other if they do it well, and which parts of your omnichannel experience need more love and attention.

The idea is to go for a holistic overview of how one touchpoint bleeds into the next and how capable and confident your customers are in engaging with you. Learning all of that, you can then take steps toward personalising your offerings more. The strategy itself may not feel wholly unique, but the customer will certainly feel like it is if there’s a sense of logical, convenient flow to their experience.

Speed Everything Up

Given all the economic and geopolitical pressures, some customers may expect companies to stutter and fail these days. However, the faster your service is, the more efficient it may appear (though don’t sacrifice the quality of service in the process). Efficiency and trustworthiness are becoming rarer, especially online.

Ecommerce businesses can seem very impressive online, but when it’s time to walk the walk and deliver goods and services, they can fall down. Creating a faster delivery system when even Royal Mail is struggling is a surefire way to get noticed. Optimise routes with dedicated pre-planning and software, and automate what processes you can.

It’s not all about IRL; your webpages’ speed also matters. Ensure everything is optimised for mobile, reduce the presence of redirects and external scripts, compress and optimise all featured images, and continually test the performance of all your website pages. Browser caching can also help. The smoother the experience, the more fondly it will be remembered – especially when your audience is dealing with your inferior ecommerce peers and competitors.

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