How to Have a Self-Care Evening With Friends

Mental health has become a major public concern in a way that it wasn’t just a few years ago. Just as we lift weights and go jogging to preserve our physical health, many of us are electing to meditate and take time out for the sake of our minds.

This time out can take many forms, and a lot of it we might recognise as ‘fun’. It’s got a trendy new title, however, and that’s ‘self-care’. But this isn’t just something that you have to do on your own; incorporating a social angle can make many activities that much more effective in their stress-busting power. So why not make a night of it, and invite a few of your closest friends over for an evening of casual gossip and relaxation?

There are certain things that you’ll want to include in your self-care evening, which will make it that much more effective.


We should remember that alcohol is a depressant , and that consuming too much of it on a regular basis will have a deleterious impact on your mental health. Which means that a self-care evening can’t just be based around getting drunk. You can have a glass of wine or two for the sake of social lubrication, but a full session isn’t what we’re talking about, here.


You’ll need the right food if everyone’s to enjoy the evening. Having a few boxes of chocolates to hand is sure to keep everyone happy – in the run up to Christmas, you’re likely to be in the mood to indulge in Christmas chocolate gifts.

Face Masks

Putting on face-masks is a popular way to regenerate the skin around the face. It’s something that you might think of as a female-only activity, but men benefit from it just as much. Face-masks, as well as their direct benefits, send a signal that the evening isn’t about looking your best – and it’ll therefore allow you to unwind that much more effectively.

No Social Media

Taking time to ween yourself off social media can have tremendous benefits for everyone. It’ll take the pressure off, and allow you to focus on the conversation that’s going on around you. In fact, if everyone checks their phones in at the door, you’ll find it that much more effective. If someone can’t get to the end of the evening without looking at their phone, then they might have to perform a pre-agreed forfeit – like having to make an arbitrarily large donation to charity.

Do Something Creative

If you can make time to do something artistic, then you might find yourself exercising parts of your mind that are dormant most of the time. Painting, singing, and dancing are all popular choices – pick something that everyone can agree on.

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