How to promote a new product feature: all the proven tips

Launching a new product feature is a lot of work, which does not stop when the feature is ready. Furthermore, one of the most challenging tasks is still ahead. You could be offering the most valuable and functional feature in the world. However, without proper marketing, no one will ever learn about it.

Thus, you need to take advantage of all the possible marketing techniques to speak up about your newly updated product and convince people to buy. A feature without proper announcement and users onboarding on its benefits won’t work.

According to Harvard Business School, some 30,000 new consumer products are released annually, while almost 95% of those products fail to make significant sales. Thus, here are 6 proven practices that will make your social media accounts, email automation tools, email signature generator, and YouTube channel work to benefit your new features and drive sales.

Run an email signature banner campaign

An email campaign is a tried, tested, and quite an efficient way to spread the word about your new feature. Besides, according to a study by MarketingSherpa, 72% of consumers prefer email over all other types of communication.

Therefore, it makes sense to use email marketing as one of the mediators in your promotional campaign. Apart from traditional emails, email signature banners could make it work even more efficiently.

An appropriately crafted and placed email signature banner can show relevant advertising applying the visual-oriented approach to promoting. Here are some killer email signature examples that work great for the new feature distribution.

Mention new features in email newsletters

To nourish the present customers’ loyalty and gain new ones, you need to keep them updated on all the novelties and improvements introduced into your product. Emails newsletter is an efficient way to build trustful relationships and attract new customers.

In this case, the main characteristic of an email newsletter is that it does not aim to generate constant sales but to warm up, educate, and onboard users with ‘how-to information about your new feature. Thus, your sales get less aggressive.

Thus, email newsletters are perfect for talking about the existing products and features. You also get a chance to show off your achievements and improvements to slyly promote your newly created features to those who already have a corresponding level of trust in your brand.

Create dedicated social media posts

Planning a product or new feature launch on social media is an excellent opportunity to attract new followers, drive sales and increase customer engagement. Unlike traditional promotion, social media promotion considerably enhances the reach. For instance, if you want to build an online business for the UK market then using social sites like Instagram you can easily get UK Instagram followers and grow your business faster.

Another benefit of the dedicated social media posts is that users can ask questions in the comments and share news with other users who might be interested too. Thus, encourage your followers to take action and promote your new feature.

Besides, users tend to rely on real people’s feedback or comments more. Therefore, the best way to attract new followers is to ensure proper communication. Therefore, look for active users and encourage their participation in your promotional campaign.

Add in-app notifications

Inn-app messages are among the topmost effective promotional tools. The research shows that in-app messages can boost retention rates by upwards of 300%. However, as with any other product marketing tactic, there is always a chance to make something wrong.

Therefore, here are several steps to make sure a new feature launch runs smoothly:

  1. Ensure relevance via targeting and segmentation
  2. Get users excited about the future launch
  3. Educate users via walkthroughs and feature tours
  4. Make the notifications feel personal
  5. Measure the results and optimize.

Nobody likes using products that haven’t improved in years. New features demonstrate your brand development and your hard work to meet the ever-changing customers’ needs. Besides, when you know the right time and way to announce your product update you will witness an increase in your product adoption rates.

Launch a Facebook Ads campaign

With 1 billion daily active users, launching a Facebook Ads campaign is a highly efficient and cost-effective way to attract people’s attention to your newly updated product. Furthermore, Facebook Ads provide an unbelievably specific audience targeting due to the availability of personal data on profiles.

Facebook`s custom media tool offers unlimited targeting combinations. However, launching an effective campaign may be a daunting task. Nevertheless, there are three primary options to give your Facebook Ads campaign a good start:

  • Advertise to those who visit your website

Having installed and Facebook Pixel on your website, you can start with a website remarketing at first. This an easy win, as you are targeting the most qualified audience.

  • Advertise to those who interact with your business on Facebook/Instagram

Promoting your new feature to those already engaged by your activity is an excellent way to convince and influence the final decision.

  • Advertise based on interests related to your product

Triggering this audience will help to identify a hyper-responsive segment ready to buy right from your banners.

Create YouTube videos

YouTube marketing is often overlooked. Being a social media network or an online video platform offers a wide range of marketing opportunities. YouTube counts two billion logged-in monthly users worldwide.

The fact that YouTube is so hugely popular also means that the competition is severe as well. Therefore, if you want your feature launch to be successful on YouTube, make sure you have enough time and money to publish quality content.

As for the issue of video production, it is not as difficult as it may seem at first. YouTube is an excellent platform to showcase your product feature by feature and function by function in an engaging and comprehensive format.


A new feature launch is a long and complex process. The promotion of this new feature is an essential step to ensure good results. However, no matter how good it is, it won’t promote itself. Therefore, if you want to hit the market, you need to be proactive in the promotion.

The best way to promote your new feature heavily depends on the channel your audience prefers. Regardless, you should combine the use of various channels to access even the most distant leads.

Try out the strategies described above to make your next feature launch a real success.

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