What is The Role of An Advertising Agency?

Advertising is a necessity for companies everywhere. Without advertising, companies would have no way of reaching their customers. Through advertising, companies inform the general public about their existence. Some companies have their own marketing team, but some opt for an advertisement agency or company. An advertisement company, informally known as an ad company, is a creative service company dedicated to planning, creating, executing, and evaluating a business’s marketing and promotional ideas.

Most advertising companies are not dependent on clients: it either be an internal or external branch. Advertising companies provide an external perspective to the clients about their products or services. They consist of marketing, advertising, consumer behavior, and public relations specialists in charge of selling their clients’ products through sound and imagery. The overall goal of an ad company is to create awareness.

Types of Companies

There are five main types of advertising companies, namely:

  1. Full Service:

– They are the largest of all five agencies.

– They incorporate all three of advertising, namely awareness, consideration, and conversion, in their promotional work.

– They start their advertising campaign by gathering and analyzing data.

  1. Interact Companies

– They are digital marketers

– This marketing company focuses solely on the online world.

– These ads are interactive and adaptable to new concepts that emerge in the online world.

  1. Creative Boutiques

– A small specialized ad company.

– They are small and specific in their advertising approach.

  1. Media Buying Agencies

– Schedule advertisement times for television and radio stations, then buy and sell these time slots to advertisers.

– They are specialists in selling time slots for radio and television advertisements.

  1. In – House Agencies

– Inbuilt ad agency for a big organization.

– They work only for the companies.

Roles of an ad Agency

Despite the differences in name and structure, all advertising companies perform the same roles. Some of these roles are:

  1. All Advertising companies start by gathering information about the product and the company. Most of the research is to understand customer’s reactions and preferences. They gathered information on features, quality, advantage, and disadvantage of engaging with the product or service, competitors, and other market conditions.
  2. They help companies select suitable media to promote their ads. Examples of suitable media are billboards, magazines, television, radios, etc.
  3. They create innovative ad campaigns for their clients.
  4. Advertising companies decide when and where the ad campaigns are released. They also decide on the specific location of each campaign piece.
  5. Advertising companies prepare a budget for their clients.
  6. They carry out public relations duties for the clients.
  7. They design, trademark, label, and price the product.
  8. They reevaluate ad campaigns by considering customers’ feedback. From the feedback, they decide what further action to take.

In sum, advertising companies can reach target customers without wasting companies’ resources. They help companies identify their target market, which allows them to design the right campaign that appeals to the market. An ad company is no longer about a full-page campaign that misses the mark. It is about creating a brand experience.

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