Template Vs. Custom Web Design

When you are designing a website, it is important to understand the type of building blocks to choose from. There are many types of design templates in the market that people can choose from for building their websites. However, it is significant to know the importance of choosing a pre-designed template or designing your website from nothing. There are clear pros and cons for choosing either templates or custom web design.

  1. What is a Template and how does it work?

Some companies like these web developers in Brisbane provide website building templates like WordPress or Elementor where you can choose from the many templates they provide to build your website. A template is an already designed form that enables you to copy and paste your information as you build your website. It is easy to use and beginners have adopted this as the easiest process of building their websites. With a pre-built template, there are many advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advantages

Templates will save you time because you won’t need to create new pages for your website. They are easy to use because everything is provided and they also provide tutorials on how to work on templates to customize them for your website. Another advantage is that there are many different types of themes that you can choose from depending on the type of website you are building.

  • Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages occasioned with using templates. Because these are sold and shared templates, many other businesses can be using the same template as your business thus making your website less unique. With templates, you are very limited on how you can customize your website and add any pages. A lot of information may be lacking on your website because of a limited number of web pages. More of these companies put more customer support focus on custom-built designs rather than templates.

  1. What is a custom web design?

Serious and progressive companies prefer custom web design because it gives them ownership of the whole process. Here, you are responsible for designing your preferred website by deciding the number of web pages, the location of the menus, and the general design of the website. This is the most common type of developing a website that many people have adopted globally.

  • Advantages

Custom web designs have a unique design from the rest. This is because every business has a different way of doing things including unique branding that will be included on the website. Your design is yours alone and cannot be shared with other entities on the internet. Custom-built websites are user-friendly and are made to rank high in search engines. The website is also designed to be responsive across all browsers and devices using the internet.

  • Disadvantages

Though they have been touted to be the best way of getting your website a unique design, they are also expensive. This is because custom web design will require a professional web designer to develop a costly website. They also take a long time to develop compared to templates. This is because you will have to create everything from the initial process of domain name registration until the website goes live on the internet.

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