Which Scooter Should I Buy in 2021

Scooters are becoming more common as youth and middle-aged persons find them comfortable and easy to ride. The scooters are quite efficient for short intra-city commuting. You can easily get from one place to another with your scooter.

However, deciding on the right scooter to buy in 2021 is a bit challenging. This is because of the numerous scooter brands and models on the market. There are also varying features and specifications on the new 2021 models. One sign of modern society is a city zipping around with scooters. And, we need more of these scooters in 2021.

So, which is the best scooter to buy in 2021?

The answer is simple; there is no single best single that fits all persons. The focus is always on helping riders find a suitable machine that fits their needs, age, weight limit, and budget. There are several factors to consider when deciding on the best scooter to buy. Taking into consideration these factors will enable you to find a quality, durable and suitable scooter for your specific need.

Tips to choosing a new scooter in 2021

There are varying new scooters on the market with different engine capacities, colors, and styles. If you’re looking to buy a new scooter this year, then consider the following tips.

  1. Purpose

Make sure you understand the main purpose of the scooter. Are you looking to make short trips to the city? If yes, then go for an affordable 50cc scooter machine. If you’re looking to travel long distances out of the city, then consider a powerful scooter with at least a 125cc engine. Understanding the main use of the scooter will help you make a wise purchase decision.

  1. Type of scooter

Now that you know the scooter’s purpose, decide on a suitable scooter type. This can be a low-powered scooter or a high-powered scooter. You can also decide between a lightweight design scooter and a heavy-duty scooter. Lightweight and low-power scooters are recommended for beginners. Beginners might not handle the extra weight and power of heavy and powerful scooters. Consider the different scooter types and choose a suitable model for your needs like these scooters from iScoot Melbourne.

  1. Engine capacity

Engine capacity is a crucial factor when choosing a scooter in 2021. We have different engine types ranging from 50cc to 150cc engines. The 50cc engine is the lowest with a top speed of 40-50km/hr. They are usually lightweight and easy to maneuver.

The 150cc is the most powerful scooter with top speeds of up to 90km/hr. Such scooters offer excellent mileage but can be expensive.

  1. Style

Style is an important factor for most people. Most people want to appear stylish when riding their scooters. We have retro-style scooters, modern-style scooters, and sports-style scooters. The style of the scooter has more to do with personal preference and taste.

  1. Age, weight, and cost

You don’t expect a scooter for a 10-year old to be the same as one for a 30-year old. Make sure you factor in your age and weight capacity when choosing a scooter. Most of these scooters are rated for weights they can support. Lastly, make sure you have a budget and select the best scooter within your budget range.


Buying a scooter in 2021 might appear difficult but that is not the case when you know important factors to consider. Ask yourself questions about these factors and consider a scooter that best suits your purpose, style, and budget.

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