How Online Sites have Transformed Sports Betting

As technology takes over our day to day life in almost every aspect, industries around the world have had to develop at a rapid pace in the last 20 years since the turn of the 21st century. The growth in technology thanks to the introduction of the internet has led to some crazy transformations. The betting industry is no exception to this. Betting, and in particular, sports betting has exploded since the introduction of modern technology which has led to a huge transformation in the industry. The main development has seen online sites for bookies change the landscape of the sports betting scenes for every sport. But just how have online sites transformed sports betting? Let’s have a look!

Mobile apps

With online sites offering mobile apps is hugely important in this day and age. It is rare to find someone without a smartphone nowadays, the mobility and ease at which these devices provide people mean they are in the vast majority of people’s pockets. Betting companies and gambling sites have had to adapt to this and produce well functioning mobile apps which allow those betting on the move a chance to place a wager. Many also find using apps on their phone much easier than accessing online sites, so by providing an app for the punters you are more likely to get people placing bets from their sofa out of ease. This saves you having to go down to the racetrack like the good old days to place a wager on your favourite horse as now you can do everything you need from an app, such as looking at tips, placing bets and even getting up to date on upcoming events, which now would be full of Cheltenham news as the even it just around the corner. With the technological advances recently, betting apps have improved vastly in the last 5 years or so. They are now streamlined, have state of the art security systems and can even be used to control any gambling concerns you may have.

In-play/live betting

As online markets have emerged for betting the instant nature of sports betting has increased. Whilst this can prove problematic in many cases, it is also a huge benefit for those looking to instantly wager. This option has opened up a massive section of the current betting market – in-play betting. People are now able to bet whilst the event is taking place. This provides a whole new dynamic to the world of betting.

Rise of esports

With the digital age has come an explosion in video games and virtual games. Esports has become a huge thing with millions across the world playing, watching and then betting on their favourite streamers. Hugely popular and with scope to only increasing as a market, esports have become included in bookies markets. You can now bet on video games or virtual reality events. During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 Esports emerged as an unlikely hero for many gamblers as they managed to continue to function unlike many professional sports. The pandemic also opened the door for the like of the Virtual Grand National with the actual real-life grand national not going ahead as planned due to restrictions. It seems the future is virtual and esports are seemingly going to emerge at the forefront of the gambling scene in years to come.

Promotions and huge markets

Online sites provide a larger and more expansive opportunity for bookies. This means more competition for the bookmakers but also allows for expansive options for the punter. Due to the competition there are always fantastic promotions on gambling sites. Alongside this, bookies are always continually expanding their markets to incorporate every aspect of sports and betting. This means you can now bet on almost anything. Whilst traditionally you may have been limited in what you could wager, stuck with putting on bog-standard coupons on the football. You can now bet on almost anything which leads to many putting on much less traditional bets. This expansion of the market also allows less developed sports, venues or sportspeople to rise to fame. This is notable in horse racing whereby small and historically insignificant races are now becoming the focus of large betting markets due to their availability on betting sites.

Many are adverse to the advancement of technology, and fairly so. But when it comes to online betting sites and the expansion of the sports betting market in recent years due to the technological impact, it’s hard to be cynical. The online sites have opened up a whole new huge market with various different avenues for the punter to explore. It too is benefitting the sports which are reaping the rewards of the attention.

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