Things You Should Know About Virtual Proctoring

With the COVID pandemic rising in the world, online proctoring gained a lot of popularity. Likewise, E-learning is the future, along with video proctoring growing at a fast pace. Have you been part of online classroom exams during the Pandemic?

Proctoring is a defined mechanism for ensuring the authenticity of the test maker to prevent him from cheating. Also, a proctor is present during the duration of the test to prevent cheating.

What is online exam proctoring?

During virtual proctoring, the proctor checks the authenticity of the candidate with the help of a webcam, mic, or even having access to the candidate’s screen through screen mirroring. To take the online test, the candidates require the following:

  1. A device like a laptop, mobile, or a tablet
  2. Internet Connection with at least 256 kbps speed
  3. A mic and webcam
  4. Any modern browsers in the PC or the phone

Types of Proctoring

  • Recorded proctoring

The proctoring does not happen in real-time. Instead, it happens with audio-video, and screen share feeds during the recording of the test. Further, there is a representative who playbacks all the videos in a fast-forward way from 3X to 20X speed. Additionally, it gives red flags when getting any suspicious activities.

  • Live Online Proctoring

During the live version, the proctor monitors the candidates and gives audio-video and screen shares in real-time. The service provider is sitting at a remote location to ensure student authentication. Likewise, here the proctor can monitor about 16 to 32 candidates.

  • Automated proctoring

This is the advanced version of proctoring, where the system monitors any kind of suspicious activities using advanced video analytics. Just ensure there is enough light in the room. Secondly, check for suspicious activity in the background and also do face recognition.

Benefits of Online Proctoring

  • Remote education is easily accessible

With so many institutions creating e-learning courses, learning has become global. Secondly, everyone is not financially viable to travel internationally for studies. Online test proctoring helps students in taking the exams without traveling and regardless of their locations.

  • Suitable for all exam kinds

Online proctors are experts with knowledge for supervising all kinds of exams. Also, online proctoring is excellent for students, whether it’s aptitude tests or multiple-choice questions. Installed video proctoring system helps in living proctoring to ascertain handwritten notes of students.

  • Gives time flexibility

Having a flexible schedule helps students and teachers in exercising more control over their work. Students can take the exams at their convenient timings. Likewise, it provides ease to the candidates building their confidence in the process.

  • Favors all students

Students can give exams from anywhere, irrespective of the locations. It’s beneficial mostly to international students. Furthermore, part-time students or workers can study and give these exams as per their timings. Everything fits in so perfectly.

Factors leading to the growth of Online Proctoring

  1. Growth of e-learning
  2. Eliminating the high costs needed at proctored assessment centers
  3. Saving time and money for both students and teachers
  4. Not much infrastructure to administer the exam environments.

How does Proctoring impact the business scenario?

  1. All the test administrators can use digital tools to provide a high level of security even during online exams.
  2. It is a kind of validation for online education. Indeed, it brings down the cost and time of hire of the logistics departments.
  3. These systems are preferable as they provide opportunities to complete all the online assessments from any place and at convenience.
  4. Many of the remotely proctored exams can be unscheduled and immediate. Secondly, all the recordings, like the audio, video logs, screenshots, etc., are all available anytime for future reference.

Key features to look at in the proctoring tool

  • Robustness is very crucial because online proctoring involves video streaming and desktop sharing as well. If you select a tool that works only for a particular region, it might not perform at other places. Somewhere the Internet speed might not be good enough.
  • One should make use of quick assessment engines. Also, most of the solutions available in the market require assessment engines for seamless experiences.
  • The proctor must have excellent reporting capabilities to be on top of candidate experience and efficiency. Besides, keep this initiative stronger to get success.
  • One should refer automation for better output. With many modern technologies available in the market, online proctoring has become so efficient in use. More the automation, the better the results.

Can online proctoring detect cheating during the exams?

Online proctoring can detect cheating instantly. Meanwhile, these are convenient exams giving choices for both the examiner and the examinee. Many such services enable the clients to deliver safe and efficient proctored assessments to all the participants. If the candidates give permission, the proctors can view the screens.

Likewise, they can utilize the mouse and keyboard if they are sitting beside them. There will be a chat box visible during the test time on the candidate’s computer. Similarly, the proctor can view the screen anytime.

The entire session can be saved by giving a complete recording of the proctor’s actions during the exam. Before taking the exams, the students have to perform a 3600-webcam tour of the area. This is to ensure that they comply with the exam regulations and policies.

What is the future of online proctoring?

  1. Facial recognition allowing sound and background noise detection. Also, keyboard behavior analysis must be used in the future. Touchscreen behavior analysis also can be used as additional checks.
  2. Proper head movements along with the tone of voice and facial expressions can be even used in the future.
  3. Ensuring the authenticity of the test taker using biometric inputs along with devices like fitness monitors and smart watches.

Online proctoring is revolutionizing the entire education system and it is also aiming to be changing in the future. It has reduced the number of hours spent in classrooms and should be practiced widely.

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