Social Media Marketing Hacks That Will Help Increase Engagement On Your Page

Wondering how you can up the social media game for your brand? Have all attempts of interaction failed and left you desperate for help? Well, fear no more. Here is a guide that can save you and gear you with the best of hacks for increased social media engagement.

Couple these with some good pictures and content using the best video editing software out there, and see your page excel and improve in no time.

1. Consistency is key

As a brand, it is important that you maintain consistency in your posts. Make a social media schedule and for when you want to post, and follow it thoroughly. If your audience sees that your posts are bleak and inconsistent, they might be a little put-off. 

But updating your feed constantly can help you grab the attention you need from your audience. It can be difficult to manage so many social media platforms constantly, so you can consider hiring a professional, especially for this. It will definitely be a good investment for you and be a good thing to do in the long run, considering how so many social media platforms are keeping up their game and excelling at it. Also, you can always visit to come up with an awesome slideshow to further your efforts.

2. Invest in better graphics

Making social media posts on your own might seem like a good idea at the start, but it is always good for your brand if you invest in a graphic designer or illustrator to carry out this work for you. 

However, if you think that the content you make is equally good enough and your page is doing just fine, this can work too. It all depends on your own visual judgment and how you can use software, websites, or applications to your advantage. Many people run their own pages very easily, and you can do so too. Just make sure they are visually appealing, look as good as other people’s posts, or even better.

Also, keep in mind the theme of your page, and try to maintain it throughout your posts. This is very pleasing to look at and gives an identity to your page.

3. Engage with your audience

The advent of social media has made it very easy for brands and companies to interact and engage with their audiences. Be it through likes, comments, shares, retweets, or even personal messages, it is now possible to get instant and genuine feedback in the fastest manner possible.

Engaging with your audience makes them see your brand more than a brand- but actually helps them relate with your company and products on a personal level. Since you can solve their grievances instantly and know what their issues are before it is too late, it breaks a lot of barriers between the customer and the brand. 

4. Use analytics to your advantage

All major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook help you look at your data very objectively. They give you a detailed report of sorts of how many views you got, which posts were the most liked, and when your interaction was highest.

These insights help you ascertain what works and what doesn’t and accordingly make changes to your plan. This will also help rectify mistakes early on before things go haywire and your social media plans are ruined. They will influence the way your schedule works and what type of content you should be looking to produce more in the future. 

5. Video content is the way to go

Looking at how the attention spans of the audiences all over have been reduced, one thing is for certain- they don’t like to read extremely long copy. What they are more interested in is to look at visual content, something they don’t have to work hard to understand. 

When it comes to this, videos are the best way to go. Coupled with some good editing and amazing audio, you can put your message across to your viewers in a brilliant way. Video content is also better in terms of retaining and recollecting. With good narration and effects (if needed), you can create wonders. 

Keep in mind that your content has to be less than one minute, and in some exceptions, you can exceed this. Otherwise, the shorter the content, the better it is.

6. Hold contests/giveaways

This is perhaps one of the best ways to interact with your audience. The reason for this is that they not only get to interact with you which is a good thing for the brand but also get to win some exciting prizes or merchandise. It’s practically a win-win situation for everyone. 

Not to mention that this also adds to the prestige and goodwill of your brand. If your product is actually liked by the lucky winner, they might even add to your existing pool of customers. Even the audience members who participated can help you increase interaction and popularize your page on the platform.

7. Make optimal use of the platform

Initially, all platforms had a basic structure of posting your content and reacting. For example, Instagram followed a picture-heavy format, whereas Twitter was mainly known for its shorter text type of information. Facebook had a special age group and audience, and LinkedIn was a professional space. 

However, these platforms have now introduced a lot of new avenues like uploading stories, live-streaming, long video formats using a good video maker, etc. Make optimal use of these and stay on top of your game.

8. Stay current and topical

Integrating your brand values and identity with something that your audience considers a very current and hot topic is nothing short of a masterstroke. It is very difficult to achieve this, considering how context and relatability play an important role.

Swiggy and Zomato are some of the best examples of brands that have achieved this. A skill like this is difficult to learn and even more difficult to master. But with a keen observation, it is very much possible.


These social media hacks, however useful, are still subject to change depending on what exactly your brand statement is. This is a general overview of techniques that almost always work, which is why most brands rely on them.

Adapt to the changing times, follow a strict schedule, and you can be at a level playing field with your competitors using these hacks.

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