Legal Gambling Ages Worldwide

Gambling has come a long way. What was considered as an illegal activity 50 years ago, now is completely legal. Of course, there are some legal gambling ages worldwide and they differ for one country to another, but they are completely justified. This industry has come such a long way that in the past couple of years, the possibility of playing casino games online has also been made available. Since the legal age for gambling varies from one country to another, we decided to list the three most sought-out markets for this activity and check what their law says on this topic.


You may have not known this, but Canadians love the idea of gambling. They got numerous land-based facilities and are extremely fond of the idea of gambling online. Canadian gambling laws state that the legal gambling age in their country is 19.

When we take all legal gambling ages worldwide into consideration, we can see that Canada is not among the countries with the youngest age limit, nor among the countries with a higher age limit. They fall somewhere in the middle.


Next up on the list of legal gambling ages worldwide, we have the USA. An interesting fact about the USA is that online gambling is forbidden in almost all of its states. A handful of regions like Nevada and New Jersey consider online gambling legal. Land-based gambling on the other hand is legal in all states and the minimum age limit here is 18.

The UK

The United Kingdom is the most sought-out market when it comes to gambling online. British people are fond of the idea of wagering money in both land-based and online gambling facilities. Nevertheless, certain standards have to be kept, which is why the legal age is 18 and together with the USA, they are among the countries that have the youngest legal gambling ages worldwide.

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