How to identify issues if related to Software or Hardware?

The operating system is a bunch of files and if you are facing issues with your PC there could be many reasons. It can be hardware failure or software issues though finding the exact cause for system failure is a little tricky here.

We will go with the examples as that will be easy for you to understand the issue and the troubleshooting part as well. Let us assume your computer is not booting anymore. The first thing we will do is check the POST (Power on Self-Test). Once you switch on the machine check if you are getting any beep. A beep sound can be of different types like a single beep, two beeps, three beeps, and so on. Each beep is having a different reason. If you get any beep its hardware failure. However, if you are getting a blue screen of death it is mostly related to software.

If the issue is hardware-related you need to replace the hardware or change the IRQ. If the issue is related to OS, you must either reinstall the operating system or you must remove the latest installed application from the system.

Few common components can fail the system boot such as Hard disk, CPU, Ram, Graphics card, Fans, motherboard, Power supply, and some more. These devices can also delay the access of data on your computer. If this is the scenario you need professionals to assist with. You can reach the PC Repair team in based in London as well as Oxford. as they hire professionally trained technicians and their support is the best if you compare with other organizations.

If there is a boot delay or if you feel that the system is running slow it can be a software issue. Reinstall or repair of OS will resolve the problem, but that too should be done by the technical expert team.

Few tips can reduce or at least run the system properly. Scan your computer weekly with updated antivirus. If you don’t have any specific you can Windows Defender which is again an inbuilt strong protection guard of your computer. If the scanning doesn’t resolve the issue then you can go for clearing the temporary files, history files from the browser, and deleted unwanted software’s from your computer. If you are MacBook or iMac user, make sure you keep it the macOS updated at all times. It’s always best to speak to Mac experts to seek any advice if it’s not working well.

Windows 7 is obsoleted, and Microsoft is not providing any support for this OS. If you are still trying or working on Windows 7 please upgrade, it with Windows 10. It is the best and fastest OS with regular patch updates.

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