Tips for wearing glasses on bike

If you wear glasses when riding, you can choose a helmet that already has grooves cut into the foam on the side of the head that makes it more comfortable and prevent the arms of the glasses from digging into the temples and behind the head. Ears, which can be painful. Overtime. Some special glasses have padded arms and frames specifically for use with a helmet. The softer the padding, the less likely it is to last, especially if you ride with an open helmet in wet weather. Neoprene padding is the most durable, but it doesn’t fit comfortably on your face.

If you wear glasses that are large enough, check that they fit under the helmet without the top being pushed by the padding along your forehead; This will cause discomfort to the nose’s bridge.

You may need to wear the helmet a bit before the padding fits your goggles and head perfectly, so a little discomfort at first may be inevitable. You will need to put on your helmet first, then your glasses. Pay a visit to SmartBuyGlasses UK to buy perfect online glasses now.

Any eyewear you wear should come with shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses that provide 100% UV protection, durable hinges, and a lightweight nylon frame.

The glasses will compromise your peripheral vision in addition to the compromises already made with your helmet. This is because the arms create even more of a blind spot. When going to buy goggles, you must try them on with your helmet and sit on the motorcycle in the riding position as you do not want the frames to obscure any part of your motorcycle’s instruments, for example, blocking your view of his speedometer.

Day lenses should provide 100% UV protection as we have intense sunshine in NSW. Polarized lenses will help eliminate glare. You can wear yellow lenses, as they can be worn day or night, and they are especially useful on cloudy days, but clear lenses are best at night.

Glasses can fog up reasonably quickly, so be sure to protect them with an anti-fog product. This is because you have the temperature of your face and hot, humid air coming out of your mouth. This is more likely to happen when it is cold outside.

Contact lenses give you the best performance. Or consider laser eye surgery.


If you wear corrective sunglasses, you should also have clear lenses for driving at night or when visibility is poor, such as heavy rain or fog. You can wear transition lenses that change the darkness in response to sunlight, but they can often still be too dark at night. Buy glasses from SmartBuy Collection in discounted prices.

Protective glasses

Choose glasses with shatterproof lenses with 100% UV protection. The glasses should be clear if you use them for night driving.

Leather or fabric bracelets will breathe more efficiently where they touch your skin than plastic bracelets. The straps must be adjustable to be comfortable when wearing the helmet. Glasses can put high pressure on the bridge of the nose, forehead, and cheeks if they do not fit properly.

The frame of the glasses must be ventilated. Otherwise, they will fog up.

Glasses tend to restrict your peripheral vision more than glasses, but they are more effective at preventing wind and dirt from entering your eyes when you are wearing an open face helmet.

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