The Accessories You Need To Complete Your Gaming PC Setup

With many of us still having a lot of free time on our hands, you might find that you are interested in spending more time doing things you couldn’t fully dedicate yourself to within your normal routine, such as gaming.

If you put time into dedicating your skills onto gaming (especially as we are struggling to find fun things to do at the moment) then you need to make sure you have the right setup that helps you play to the best of your abilities.

In this article, gaming specialists, AWD-IT are here to provide suggestions on what you need to consider if you are looking to fully complete your gaming setup.


Let’s start with the main piece, your monitor.

When looking, improving or starting up your own gaming pc setup, the level of importance of which monitor to buy is very important. You need a monitor that provides crisp, clear picture quality and helps transform your whole gaming experience as a whole. This will also have an effect on the graphics card you consider too.

Also, refresh rates is also something you need to take into consideration when looking at your monitor purchase, this is because some have not been built for gaming, so if you buy the wrong one, then it might seem quite slow if you are playing a fast paced game.

This will also affect your whole gaming experience, which is why taking thorough research into what you purchase is vital.


The difference between your average mouse and a high quality gaming mouse is unbelievable.

With many gaming mice models, you will find that they include their own individual and supporting features, this could include ergonomics, switches for easy navigation and even some that provide you with the ability to tweak the overall weight and shape of the mouse, so it feels perfect in your hand whilst you game.

Many gamers also tend to prefer wired gaming mice as they help to decrease the amount of lag, but wireless creations are improving but many games do swear by cable. However, this all depends on your preference and if you are someone who likes to change up their seating arrangement, then a wire might hold you back.


Keyboards are also considered to be around the same level of importance, compared to your monitors.

With the ever improving gaming keyboards that are available, it is now possible to customise your gaming keyboard to your heart’s content. This could include lighting, the texture of your key caps or mechanical switches.

You now have the capability to really make your gaming keyword unique to you and how you game, which can even help you improve your overall playing performance.


It is rare to see avid gamers who don’t love to listen to music as they play, which is why having a good pair of headphones is the way to go, and not just for music alone.

You will find that many high quality gaming headphones are complete with a built-in microphone, so you can easily chat with your friends whilst you are all online. They are also great if you don’t want your family hearing your gaming background noise when they are asleep…

Lastly, you need to make sure you take comfort into consideration before you purchase, because there is nothing worse than wearing a gaming essential that is really uncomfortable. You also need to see what you will mostly use them for, will it just be for music? Will you be chatting online?


A computer accessory that is back on the rise.

Do you face Zoom meetings in the day, and then stream your talents by night? Well if you do, then considering a high quality picture webcam is something that needs to be considered.

Also, many people are dedicating their career and talents on Twitch, as it has now claimed itself to be one of the world’s largest social networks, and this is all down to the rise of online gamers and people who love to watch gaming streams online.

Whether you use your streaming as a side hustle or a full time job, you need to look into a full HD webcam, as you don’t want your watchers viewing a grainy and bad quality stream, as you will find they won’t stay for very long.

Having the key accessories in place is essential, which is why considering updating/creating your setup is something that needs to be focused on, But don’t worry! The availability today of great priced accessories is amazing, so you don’t even need to worry about your budget.

Stay safe and enjoy gaming!

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