How can you set up sleep tracking on your iPhone?

Following a long wait, Apple has finally launched its incredible Sleep tracking mode with Watch OS 7 and iOS 14. Though you’ll need the smartwatch by Apple to get adequate data, you will now be able to set it for your iPhone, too, and track your sleep. So, iPhone users have to no longer depend on a third-party application for sleep tracking. Here, in this article, we’ll discuss with you the steps to set up sleep tracking for the iPhone in iOS 14.

Setting up the Sleep Tracking on the iPhone

Dan, a homework expert who works with TFTH, says that of all the newer features, such as iMessage improvements, picture-in-picture mode, home screen widgets, and others which came with iOS 14, he particularly loves the Sleep tracking feature, as none other feature is going to have a positive impact on the health. With Apple’s Sleep Tracking feature, you can now end your day in a manner that both your body and mind are at ease. With the iPhone’s sleep tracking, you get features, such as a Wind Down Mode. In this mode, your notifications will be disabled, the screen brightness would be dimmed down, and you’ll get access to only a simplified lock-screen. This would ensure that you do not get disturbed while you are trying to sleep. With this mode, you can also set some goals that will help you keep a tab on the progress that you show in your sleeping pattern over time. So, it would give you a visual presentation of the quality sleep that you have been getting, and if there are still any changes needed, it would suggest the same to you.  Roy says, he works as an essay writer with EssayWriter4Uand to write quality essays, he needs quality sleep. Hence, he’s pretty thrilled about this feature.

Tanya, a university student in her freshman year, who reached out to TopAssignmentExperts for the iconic do my homework service by TAE, says that she has always longed for the Sleep Tracking feature in Apple, and hopes that it would help her sleep so much better. Now having said it all, let us now take a quick look at the steps that can help you set this feature for your updated iPhone.

Steps for setting up Sleep Tracking on iOS 14 updated iPhone

  1. Firstly, open the Health App (default application) on your phone. In there, click on the Discover menu, and then tap onto the Sleep option. Here, you’ll have to click on the button that says Get Started under the section Set up Sleep.
  2. This will lead you to the next page. Here, you’ll see a splash screen that would give you adequate information about the feature. Now, click on the Next button for continuing.
  3. Following it, you can set your sleep goal. By default, the goal is set to 8 hours. If you want changes to it, you can click on the minus or the plus button to increase or decrease the goal. Once done, you’ll have to click on the Next button to proceed further.
  4. Now, the schedule has to be created. In there, you’ll have to provide the days as well as the sleep time and your wake-up time. After all the changes are made, click on the button in the top-right corner, which says Add.
  5. On this page, you’ll be able to add another schedule, as required. You can even make different schedules for weekends and weekdays. Once done, you can click on the Next menu to continue.
  6. If you want, you can enable sleep mode. Once you enable this feature, the phone will give you a simplified lock screen. Following this, a DND mode will be turned on. However, if this feature is not required by you, you can click on the Skip menu.
  7. Wind Down is much alike the Sleep Mode. There’s a small difference between the two, and that is, it would activate before your sleep schedule. This has been included by Apple to ensure that you prepare for your sleep sans any distractions. You have a choice here to either opt for the duration of the sleep mode and enable the same or skip it. Chandler says that he works as a resource accumulator for TrumpLearning, and thus, even when he is on his bed, he keeps browsing different resources, and that does have a severe impact on his sleep cycle. For people like Chandler, Wind Down is going to be a great help.
  8. Finally, a screen will appear where you’ll see all the configurations in the Health application. If any changes are required, you can click on to the top-left button that says Back. After you are satiated with all the changes, you can click on Done, and the setup is finished.

If any changes are required in the future, you’ll have to follow the same steps.

Disclaimer: Apple revealed the next-gen version of its Mobile Operating software, i.e., iOS 14 in Beta Version for developers. The final version is yet to release in fall. So, by September, you’ll get access to all the features of iOS 14, including Sleep Tracking.

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