How to buy games from Sony with PSN gift card?

We can make a pretty significant argument about PlayStation being one of the best video game consoles ever made. However, not everything is as perfect as it might seem at a glance. PlayStation consoles have regional restrictions which means that if you live in a country which does not have its own region you won’t be able to purchase games from PlayStation Store. The best solution to this is to buy a PSN gift card somewhere else.

The process is quite simple. You have to create your PlayStation Network account on one of the many recognised regions. To avoid lag, we recommend you to select a region which is close to your location or a region which hosts the majority of your friends. Second, you’ll need to find a PSN gift card for your selected region for purchase. And that can be quite a task.

Many physical stores that are selling these cards do not offer any selection of regions for players to choose from. Thankfully, we have the internet to help us! There are a lot of online stores that have a huge selection of these cards. One such place is Eneba games store. Eneba has a big selection of games, in-game currency and a lot of different PSN gift card options. You can find cards for every PSN region with the exception of Japan.

It’s also worth adding that these cards on Eneba cost a lot less. For example, you can pick up a 50 euro PSN gift card for Spanish region for 41 euros. If you choose to do so, you save almost 20 percent of your money which can be spent on games! Eneba has a lot of discounts for every region out there.

Why should you add funds to PSN?

While access to PSN does not require any payment up front you won’t go far without any money in your PSN balance. One thing that you do get for free with the basic PSN is access is the ability to play free-to-play games which will keep casual gamers busy for quite a while. However, the majority of new games with a multiplayer option will ask you to get at least one PSN gift card in order to purchase PlayStation Plus which is a must in order to play online.

Other PSN features also require some additional funds. Entertainment Apps allow PSN users to use entertainment services such as YouTube, Netflix, and much more! That being said, the fact that you can access the apps via your console does not mean that you get free subscriptions to these apps as well. You will still have to pay for your Netflix sub! This means that you’ll need to add funds to your PSN balance.

Most importantly, having money in your PSN account enables you to buy everything in the PlayStation Store without any restrictions – new games, in-game purchases, DLC content, and more. Even if you don’t usually spend a lot of money on games, one PSN gift card can cover you for quite some time since it has no expiration date.

Currently, Eneba store has some great deals for gaming fans. Be sure to check it out!

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