The Impact of the New Swedish Gambling Regulations on Advertising

The gaming scene in Sweden is experiencing a reorganisation courtesy of the new regulations taking effect. In 2018, the Swedish Gambling Authority put together a new set of rules that would redefine online gambling in the region. The proposed provisions allowed licencing for gambling companies in Sweden and other countries. These regulations went into effect in January 2019, and that has influenced certain elements in the industry such as the marketing of gambling services.


What the New Rules Mean

The licencing system established in 2019 gives accessibility to the gambling market for both local and foreign operators. Any operators that are already doing business in Sweden and new casino sites will fall under the same rules. This move means that many casinos will enter the Swedish market to compete with state-controlled operators specifically, Svenska Spel. By October, Sweden’s licencing authority had received about 55 applications from gambling outfits.


The Surge in Marketing

With the Swedish market open to foreign operators, gambling companies that had been locked out of the market had an opportunity to acquire new customers. The new rules saw a dramatic surge in marketing by gaming companies that began in 2018. Both new and old sites strived to reach Swedish customers who previously only had four operators from which to select. Even though the Swedish media does not permit foreign gambling operators to advertise, companies still have several alternatives. London-based Discovery Networks and NENT Group are two choices that advertisers have turned to. According to the regulations, advertisers can also use social and commercial media such as TV4 for advertising. Sites like Facebook and Twitter provide practical and effective alternatives for gambling outfits.

Compared to the UK, Sweden’s new laws are not very different. The minimum age requirement for online gambling is 18 and 21 for land-based casinos. A significant distinction between UK-licenced and Sweden-licenced casinos is the bonus. The new regulations limit gambling outfits to a single welcome bonus. It means that casinos may have a hard time enticing players with fewer promotional offers.

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