New mobile casinos – in The Age of the Smartphone

Casinos in the modern world

Gambling is no longer an activity restricted to a visit to one of the physical, brick and mortar casinos. These are still prevalent around the world in the countries that allow them, and are still what some people still restrict their gambling to. But in recent years, and especially in the last two decades, casinos have increasingly become an online phenomenon, making it available to users all over the world and at all times.

This increasing availability and prevalence of online gambling, still existing in combination with the more traditional forms of gambling such as lotteries, have also urged an increased focus on safe gambling from various national organizations. The UK gambling commission is an example of such an organization, as was made to keep the growing industry regulated, and for safeguarding the interests of the consumers as well as ensuring that gambling is practiced in a lawful manner. The tasks of such a commission today, needless to say, are more and more directed towards the ever-growing online gambling environment, making sure that efforts are done to prevent personal gambling issues and to make sure that gambling can be a fun, exciting and financially secure leisure activity.

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The new mobile casinos

Smartphones of today – such as the super-advanced, newly released iPhone X – are practically small computers made in pocket-size. Their steady increase in abundance and usage marks the concrete manifestation of a great technological progress, but at the same time these multi-functional phones also come with significant changes in peoples lives, and for gambling-habits specifically. The new mobile casinos have become something we bring with us every day, and at all times.

Deloitte presents us with some fascinating numbers for smart-phone usage today; and while these may seem extreme, they can also be said to be hardly surprising, as these numbers express something we are all witnessing every day. For instance, Smartphone-activities now occur pretty much throughout the whole day of the user; and for more than half of UK adults, checking the phone is done already within 15 minutes after waking up in the morning. As the day proceeds with activities that not far back in our history never were mixed up with digital instruments, the Smartphone is kept close at hand – which is illustrated by the fact that more than a third of UK adults “sometimes”, “very often” or “almost always” check their phones while enjoying a meal with family and friends. Even such an attention-demanding activity as crossing the street has now become a multitasking endeavor, as 11 percent of UK citizens between 16 and 75 combine this potentially perilous crossing with a simultaneous attention towards the screen.


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These numbers are central for understanding what the new mobile casino actually is today – and some casinos report that as many as 60% of their users sign up via their phone. On the one hand, this new trend makes for a great way of enjoying the exciting aspects of online gambling throughout the day’s “intermissions”, such as a bus ride or a long wait for a taxi. But it is also a noteworthy tendency for the self-conscious gambler, as it calls for moderation and a balanced gambling habit. The fact that the new mobile casinos are more available than ever should be taken seriously especially if one has a tendency to get carried away with it. Financially safe gambling should always be a top priority – which of course may be a challenge when the Smartphone is always right there in the pocket. As Deloitte specifies, a lot of consumers today are indeed aware of the potential pitfalls of letting the Smartphone take up too big a space in one’s life – and so the trick is to find some ways of maintaining a balanced amount of usage, which allows for both the joy of hand-held online gambling and at the same time for a healthy gambling habit.


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