Caravan and Motorhome Buying Guide For 12Volt TV

Whether you are going on a regular camping adventure or you are planning to set off on an annual family trip, you will definitely need some luxuries to help you feel at home and have some down-time moment along the way. Watching your favourite TV program or movie is a good way to relax and enjoy some home comfort after long hours of driving or vigorous adventure.

Have you had your caravan built up and looking to spice things up with the luxury of a TV? The solution you need is a 12Volt TV. 

There are three major things you need to consider when buying a TV for your RV (recreation vehicle): power, size, and the functions needed. Moreover, there are many hosts of 12V caravan TVs out there, and thus leaves you with the challenge of identifying the best one to choose. 

To help you invest in the best 12Volt TV for your caravan, we have put together this ultimate guide with the help of Comparestaticcaravaninsurance. Hopefully, you will be able to make the best decision and keep the kids quiet before bedtime.

Kitting out your motorhome with leisure gadgets and gizmos is rewarding, but make sure that you have sufficient insurance to cover for loss or damage.  Check your  motorhome or caravan insurance policy and if necessary extend it to include continents. This may increase your premium, the average cost of motorhome insurance in the UK is still affordable.   

12V Power Consumption. And More

12V TVs come with a 12Volt and 240Volt socket input, which allows them to run directly from the battery in your caravan or motorhome. This modern advancement makes the television consume far less electricity, so it will not drain your caravan’s battery very quickly. 

Also, some 12V televisions are equipped with chargeable built-in batteries. That way, you have a leisure battery as power even if you are out of the road. 

The TV Size 

The size to go for depends on the space available and your preference. But remember that the larger the size, the more power it will consume. The largest size of television designed for recreation vehicles is about 32 inches, while the smallest size is around 15 to 19 inches. The standard sizes people go for these days are around 20 inches to 24 inches. Aside from the screen size, you should also consider the overall dimension of the television. 

Smart 12V TV

If you want to enjoy watching Amazon Prime or Netflix then a smart 12V television should be your pick. This is provided you don’t mind parting away with more money because the model is more expensive- but they are worth the price. Have you already purchased a 12V TV without this built-in feature? Do not fuse. There are after market sticks that you can buy and easily plug into a port at the back of your TV to enjoy the same feature. We recommend buying the Amazon stick since it includes others like BBC iPlayer, Nexflix, ITV Hub, Amazon Prime, etc.

DVD Combo

A 12 voltage TV with DVD combo is the best If you are travelling to a rural location. This is so because unless you have set up a satellite TV, certain occasions may occur when it is impossible to access a terrestrial aerial network and the only alternative will be a DVD movie. That is why we advise considering a TV-DVD combination.

Lightweight and Portability

Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the TV. You do not want to experience the trouble of an overweight television on your caravan. If you will be using a TV bracket, ensure it is firmly fixed and mounted to prevent a hammering effect during transit. You may also want to buy a portable TV so that you can use it in your home or office when you are not travelling.

In Conclusion

A 12V TV is a great standby to have in your caravan. We hope this caravan buying guide for 12V TV helps you make an informed decision. We have included in this guide some of the essential features to help you make the most of your investment. 

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