Daniel Craig looks set to be the most bike-obsessed Bond of all time

·       Motorcycles have been subtly dominating Bond films ever since the 90s
·       After No Time To Die, Daniel Craig will have introduced ten motorcycles to the Bond franchise
·       The new film will feature two new Triumph motorcycles: the Tiger 900 and Scrambler 1200
·       Honda is James Bond’s all-time favourite motorcycle brand
·       Nearly half of all Bond motorcycles come from Japanese manufacturers
Manchester, 23rd September 2021.

New research finds Daniel Craig will become the most motorcycle-obsessed Bond of all time once No Time To Die comes to our screens on 30th September.

Using data from the Internet Movie Car Database, Vertu Motorcycles has collated every motorcycle make and model that has appeared in a 007 flick to date, with the data finding a clear uptick in motorcycle usage across the franchise.
When the 25th instalment is released at the end of the month, viewers can expect to see the new Tiger 900 and Scrambler 1200 Triumph motorcycles for the first time. These two motorcycles bring Craig’s motorcycle total to 10, trumping Pierce Brosnan’s eight.

While often cars bring in the most vociferous post-film chatter, motorcycles have been an under-the-radar major player in Bond scripts, single handedly showcasing Bond as Hollywood action star vs the suave gentleman of yesteryear.
We see this happen from this 90s onwards, when bike appearances in James Bond flicks almost tripled (17 appearances in 13 films) over a single decade, leaving many previously car-focussed scenes in the dust.
As Bond’s motorcycle crush has expanded, so too has his auto inclusivity. Unlike Bond’s well-known British car crush, when it comes to motorcycles Bond is far more international. Nearly half (45.45 per cent) of bikes in Bond films have been manufactured by Japanese companies. For comparison, only 18.18 per cent of Bond bikes have been made by British companies.
Location aside, Honda is James Bond’s all-time favourite motorcycle brand, beating out the other eleven brands that have featured in the franchise. It’s an interesting choice for Bond considering he has always been known for his flash vehicles, but the reliable Honda stands out as his long-term favourite, featuring in five films.
Flashier motorcycle brands, BMW and Triumph, were 2nd and 3rd most popular, appearing in just four and three Bond films, respectively.
Vertu Motorcycles spokesperson said:
It’s positive to see Bond’s penchant for motorcycles is increasing as we move through the decades. 
“Not only does this help to shine a light on the impressive A-list appeal of a good quality motorcycle to viewers, but also that you don’t need to simply shop for speed to turn heads. 
“Bond’s preference for Honda motorcycles shows us how varied he is in his bike selection. However, we are certain that the two new British-made Triumphs that are due to appear in the upcoming film are going to draw all the headlines.”
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