How Can You Download And Convert Youtube Videos Online?

Digital media in the 21st century has progressed enormously. Everything is available on the internet. The audience is just a click away to reach the desired content. Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the market after Google. The reason is that video-based content is consumed widely by users. Video happens to be more creative and informative than other formats of data available online on the same topic. People want to get their hands on videos as quickly as possible, to watch the videos whenever they want. When it comes to finding an application that can convert and download Youtube videos, there is a good Y2Mate alternative. It converts the Youtube video to your desired format and downloads it to your device.

Download And Convert Youtube Videos Online

To convert Youtube videos and download them, you need to make use of an application that servers both such as Y2Mate. Following are the steps you can take to download and convert a Youtube video:

  • To convert a Youtube video to Mp4, first, copy the URL of the Youtube video.
  • Insert the copied link in the space given at the top of the Y2Mate Youtube to Mp4
  • Click the start button to proceed with the conversion.
  • The conversion rate of a video to the desired format depends upon the length of the video. A shorter video will take less time.
  • Click the download button and save the video to your device.

Why Is There a Need to Download And Convert Youtube Videos?

Users want to download and convert Youtube videos for several reasons. By downloading a video online, it becomes available to the user even without any network connection. Sometimes it happens that Youtube removes or restricts a video after it gets much attention from the viewers. In this way, users can have access to such a video if it’s downloaded. Moreover, you can avoid ads by downloading the video. And have an option to edit if you need it for a project

Multiple Formats And No Limits on Video Download

Using a Youtube downloader, you can download the Youtube videos with an option of multiple formats such as .mp3, .mp4, .avi, etc. Moreover, the application is free to use. You can download as many Youtube videos as you please because there are no limits. In addition, the application is really fast.

No Installation Needed

A Youtube downloader and converter such as Y2Mate, does not need an installation. You just need to visit the website and download the file. It is all OS supported and works fine. Your data is secured and the application is free of viruses.

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