Who should your business hire as it grows to the next level?

The past 18 months haven’t been easy for many businesses. But with a successful vaccine roll-out and a gradual relaxing of restrictions, the UK economy is currently growing at the fastest rate recorded in 80 years. Businesses across various sectors will be gearing up to take advantage and make up for lost time.

For start-ups in particular, growth periods like this are likely involve a series of strategic hires and restructures as the business scales up. The right talent and resources can make all the difference by broadening horizons and easing pain points.

So what should your priorities be? While the order will vary based on industry and existing resources, below are five potential targets with the skills to grow a business.

HR managers

The role of the HR department is constantly evolving as workplace culture and flexible work patterns shift. Employing a strong HR manager can be fundamental in developing and reinforcing this culture while making sure the needs of existing employees are met.

HR departments can also scale easier with the help of technology and automation. For example, HMRC payroll software will ensure compliance and reduce risk of human error.

Finance professionals

A department often closely linked with HR is finance. While owners may handle matters such as accounting, budgets and taxes initially, hiring a finance professional will ease the administrative burden and give a business full confidence in its numbers.

Finance professionals can also advise and source financing to fund growth projects and ease cash flow concerns where necessary.

IT support

Each extra person a business hires can bring new IT infrastructure and equipment concerns. Hiring an in-house IT expert will help answer the tech-based questions that others can’t, while keeping interlinked systems working efficiently and securely.

IT experts can also advise on equipment and software upgrades, which can be crucial if you’ve adopted a hybrid working approach including remote employees.

Marketing experts

You can’t always rely on customers to come to you. Marketing effectively across multiple channels is time-consuming too, so at a certain point it’s worth investing in a dedicated marketing expert.

A marketing professional should have the ability to not only manage regular campaigns but also carry out competitive research, devise long-term strategies and allocate budgets appropriately.


You only get one chance to make a first impression. Whether you sell directly to customers or host clients on-site, it pays to look good – and hiring a maintenance professional will keep your premises looking spick and span.

This is especially true if you manage a retail store and want to entice customers in with the appeal of a well-ordered, relaxing shopping experience.

Could any of these hires help your business grow to the next level?

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