Smart Ice Detection: BMW Parts for Winter Safety Systems

The technologies developed by BMW have allowed drivers to feel comfortable and safe for decades. One of the most famous German car manufacturers has always paid a lot of attention to various safety technologies, thanks to which driving becomes much easier even in bad weather conditions or slippery road surfaces.

Today, specialists will tell you more about the technologies applied by BMW, which ensure additional driving safety during the winter when the road surface is slippery.

What is DTC technology?

BMW has been integrating a well-known technology into its cars for a long time, which helps the vehicle maintain the best possible grip even when the road surface is extremely slippery. This technology is known to many as DTC, which stands for Dynamic Traction Control. According to professionals, the essence of this technology is to maintain complete control of the car when the traction of the driving wheels with the road surface is lost. When this system senses that one of the driving wheels is losing traction with the road, the system automatically starts stabilizing the car. For this process, the brakes are used, and the engine power is limited. In short, the vehicle automatically decides which wheels to brake and how to reduce engine power to regain control of the car on a slippery road. Usually, all this happens very quickly, before the driver has time to realize that the car lost its stability. It is also important to mention that this BMW technology is advanced and considered one of the best-performing stability control technologies in the car market.

Additional functionality

Most BMW drivers should know that the DTC technology in new BMW cars even has several different modes. When the technology is activated and ready to go, drivers are not informed by any messages on the dashboard or multimedia screen. Partially activated DTC technology allows the wheels to spin, but the sliding wheels are immediately blocked as soon as you turn the steering wheel. Such a function is designed for those cases where turning the wheels while driving straight is necessary to overcome a slippery road section. Still, the fully activated control does not allow it. On the other hand, a fully disabled DTC turns off the wheel locks completely, and in many cases, this can be dangerous, as losing traction in a corner can cause the car to slide sideways and be extremely difficult to control.

DTC for XDrive models

The DTC technology also differs depending on whether the BMW car has the integrated XDrive four-wheel drive system or rear-wheel drive. The models with XDrive technology are characterized by a slightly more complicated version of this technology because the car has to control not two but all four wheels at the same time.

Like most other security technologies, DTC technology also works thanks to specially installed components and software. Even in the latest BMW cars, this technology can lose its effectiveness due to unexpected failures of the system or its components. In order to fix one or another malfunctioning element, it is often necessary to change various parts of the car. For this reason, it is worth knowing that you can easily find original BMW parts in the online store.

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