Maps, Gaming, & More: Top Mobile Apps for Skiers

Skiers are some of the most dedicated athletes in the world. Much of this reputation comes with the terrain—literally. Considering skiers must travel to find the best slopes and that many will look to get well off the beaten path, skiers are generally more rugged and adventurous than the average athlete.

Unsurprisingly, this makes the skiing experience highly unique. But it can also mean that finding functional apps which touch on the skiing experience is a bit difficult. Because there are fewer, they’re harder to find—whether you’re in search of maps, games, or weather forecasts. 

Take a few shortcuts with this list. We’ve compiled some of the most highly rated mobile apps that are on the market for skiers, covering topics from weather to coaching to gaming. 

Best Skiing Game: Slotting Slopes

Not all skiing games require players to simulate a run down a mountain (more on this below). If you want to relax with some skiing-themed fun, then the world of online slots has you covered. Titles like Slotting Slopes bridge all the wild wonder of skiing on pristine slopes with the exciting and simple format of video slots. Keep in mind that this game isn’t an app in and of itself. Instead, it can be found on virtual casino sites, which offer their own mobile app. 

Best Simulator Game: Powder Alpine Simulator (iPhone Only)

This app is a brand-new project that seeks to encapsulate the entire skiing experience. As such, its creators relied on real-life physics and biomechanics to help craft the game. The minimalist game requires players to navigate down a mountain and avoid hitting obstacles. Its design is simple and straightforward—but skiers will immediately recognize the familiar mechanics of moving through fresh powder. 

Best in Mobile GPS: Ski Tracks

This app makes it easy for skiers to track each run they make throughout the day. But it does a lot more than simply record where skiers have tracked. It also lets them target specific routes and then logs their elevation. By pairing with other apps, including those on smartwatches, it allows users to share, store, and even compare results with others. 

Best in Coaching: Carv

One of the toughest parts of skiing is improving. This is especially true for those who have limited chances to hit the slopes. For this reason, apps like Carv can make a huge difference. This app connects straight to your ski boots to provide a breakdown of each movement. It analyzes all the hard data collected from each run and then provides actionable pieces of advice to improve your form.

Best in Maps: FATMAP

There are dozens of ways in which apps have sought to help skiers map out their terrain. As outlined above, some of these apps (like Ski Tracks) are designed for personal benchmarking. Others, like FATMAP, are instead focused on 3D rendering. FATMAP takes its rendering even further by partnering with the world’s top ski resorts to log marked and unmarked (off-piste) trails at some of the world’s top locations. This makes it ideal for free-riders who want to get off traditional routes. 

Best in Shared Maps: SkiLynx

Maps are great for targeting off-piste areas and keeping track of your runs. But sometimes, maps are geared toward multiple skiers. In other words, they’re used to help keep track of a group—especially those with a range of skiing experience. This app makes it easy to track the rest of the group, understand the difficulty level for different runs, and even set a meetup point for the end of the day. 

Best in Weather: OnTheSnow

A weather forecast is one of the most invaluable tools that a skier can have at their disposal. This is especially true for skiers who might have a limited number of days (or even hours) to hit the slopes. For this reason, every skier wants to know exactly how the snow is—and when new powder is on the horizon. OnTheSnow accomplishes this by logging things like incoming snow, freeze levels, depth, and temperature for more than 2,000 ski resorts worldwide.

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