The Exploding UK Online Casino Market & It will Only Get Bigger!

The year 2021 has already proved to be exciting for the online casino industry in the UK and casino lovers in the country.

The UK gambling market is one of the fastest-growing in the world with worth nearly £14.3 billion annually. According to statistics, 38.6 percent of revenues come from online gambling.

In this post, we will exclusively talk about online casinos listed in the guide like, which are not part of the GamStop casino scheme.

For people, who are not familiar with the concept, GamStop allows gamblers to self-exclude themselves from online betting under the National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited. In simple words, GamStop helps gamblers restrict their online gambling activities under the regulation of the Gambling Commission.

On the other hand, non-GamStop online casinos offer a wide range of options to both new and seasoned online gamblers, including better odds and more incentives.

How to Choose Non-GamStop Online Casinos?

A website like Just UK Club reviews and compares different popular and emerging online casinos available for gamblers in the UK.

According to the website, before choosing non-GamStop online casinos, lookout for the following features to play safe.

  • Easy access
  • Different promotions and bonus offers
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Selection of Games
  • Themes available
  • Loyalty Scheme
  • Quality of software
  • Safety and security
  • Availability of round-the-clock online support

Some of the top non-GamStop online casinos listed on Just UK Club are Casino Win, Admiral Shark Casino, MyStake Casino, Rouge Casino, Prestige Spin Casino, and Agent No Wager Casino.

Pros of Non GamStop Casinos

  1. Do not fall under the UK Regulations

In recent times, the Gambling Commission have been more stringent on imposing restrictions on online gaming. More restrictions are likely to come up in the future. These regulations are taking the fun away from online gambling. This is why non-GamStop online casinos offer a much better gaming experience to the players.

  1. Even GamStop Players can gamble here

Casino players, who are part of the GamStop scheme, can only get around it by taking part in non-GamStop gambling. Playing these online casinos does not need any previous gaming experience, and you get to play the most popular and exciting games listed on Just UK Club.

  1. Non-GamStop online casinos do have a strict verification process

Non-GamStop casinos do not impose restrictions on gamers’ accounts for verification.

  1. Players get excellent rewards

Non-GamStop casinos offer a wide range of rewards and bonuses to UK players. You may even find a casino that offers as much as a 400 percent welcome bonus after the first deposit.

  1. Players from across the world can play here

These online casinos accept players from any part of the world. They also support many international languages, accept different currencies, and mode of payment.

  1. Dependable

Some players think since non-GamStop casinos are not regulated by the Gambling Commision,  they are not reliable, which is not at all true. These online casinos have licenses from multiple international gambling bodies, including MGA, Malta Gaming Commission, and GBGA. Read more on Just UK Club.

Cons of Non-GamStop Online Casinos

  1. Gamblers on the GamStop scheme may try to escape the restriction

Some addicted or problem players may try to get around GamStop restrictions by taking part in non-GamStop games. Since these casinos do not restrict players in terms of deposits, playing duration, or betting amounts, it can increase gaming addiction. Check Just UK Club. for the best and safe bets.

  1. Debt creation

Although casino games are exciting, they are addictive too. It often leads to debt creation. The average amounts of debt for men from gambling are between $55,000 and $90,000. The average amount of debt for women is $15,000. So, you need to play with caution and do not exceed your budget.

  1. Deposit and withdrawal limits are high

Usually, the minimum deposit and withdrawal limit in British casinos range from $5 to $10, whereas for non-GamStop casinos, the minimum deposit and withdrawal are between $ 20 and $50.

Before We Go

Non-GameStop online casinos will grow faster in the coming years, triggering major transformations in the UK gambling industry by enhancing the immersive experience and gaming comfort for the players. Leading websites like guides players to play the best online casino games safely by listing the best games and providing guidance.

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