How to Prepare for Class 7 Maths Exams?

Mathematics is a fun subject, and if approached with curiosity, nothing can stop you from mastering it. NCERT textbooks are used by kids who follow the CBSE board. However, they are very well-structured books that can be used by all grade 7 students. The maths NCERT solutions class 7 are readily available on most online platforms. They have a detailed explanation of the steps that can be followed by kids. In this article, we will go through a list of steps that will help you to prepare for your class 7th maths exams.

1. Understand Concepts in Depth

Before you can move on to preparing for your exams, the first step is to build a strong foundation of concepts. If knowledge is superficial, then no amount of practice questions can help you ace a test. It would be best if you prepared for your exams in a way that the foundation created can be used in further classes. This not only acts as a means for you to get a good grade in your class 7th maths exam but also helps in higher grades as you have built a robust understanding of the basics. If you have doubts when a topic is introduced in class, then you must immediately speak to a teacher and clear them.

2. Practice Questions

One advantage of solving numerous questions on a topic is that it helps you to gauge whether you have a deep-seated knowledge of the chapter. Suppose you are solving a problem and hit a roadblock. There are two reasons for this. The first being that you do not understand the concept and cannot apply it. The second is that you have made a mistake in the calculations. Either way, you can work on the pain points and improve your abilities.

Another benefit is that by solving several practice problems, you can get an idea of the type of questions that can be framed on that topic. You can avail of well-curated worksheets in addition to your NCERT textbooks for this purpose. As you go from more straightforward sections to attempting more complicated problems, you can build confidence and perfect the topic. Also, these worksheets have a wide variety of sums. By solving these diverse problems, you will be well prepared for any question that the examination might ask.

3. Paper Pattern

You can visit the school library or take help from your seniors to get an idea of the previous years’ question papers. These exam papers help you to understand what the paper pattern is, and you can prepare accordingly. It also helps you to predict the kind of questions that can be asked.

4. No Stress

After you have been through the steps mentioned above, you are ready to appear for your exam. However, you must always keep in mind to learn maths with fun rather than fear. Thus, do not get stressed out about your exams. Keep a calm mind, and nothing can stop you from achieving your best.


If you find it daunting to go through these steps on your own, you can join a coaching institution such as Cuemath to help. The math experts supplement your school learning by strengthening concepts. They use several fun resources such as worksheets, math puzzles, games, etc., to keep a student engaged. They give students an enjoyable learning experience by ensuring that kids are not pressured and can work at their own pace. Hopefully, this article gives you an idea of how to study so as to excel in your class 7 exams!

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