Tips To Get Started Running

No matter if you are new to running or you are getting back into things, you want to build up your stamina. It’s imperative to start things out slowly and build up your stamina to minimize the potential for injury. Below, you will learn about some of the top tips to get started the right way.


  1. Get Approval From Your Doctor

First things first, you should be looking to get formal approval from your doctor. If you are someone who has been sedentary for a year or longer, you want to get checked out by your doctor beforehand. While you will likely be given the green light, they may be able to guide you in the right direction to do it safely.

Likewise, if you take prescription medication or if you’ve sustained any kind of injury, they may have specific guidelines that you should be following. Orthotic running shoes or inserts may be necessary to support your feet, visit the Orthotic Shop for a full range. Those who suffer from diabetes will likely want to bring a snack along for the ride. Whereas, those that take various blood pressure medications are likely going to need to use different equipment and/or methods to measure heart rate.

  1. Invest In The Right Shoes

Your shoes are essential when it comes to getting started with running on the right foot. You need to find a pair of running shoes that not only fit properly but also that offer you the right kind of support. You should be looking to visit a specialty store like the Orthotic Shop when you are getting started to ensure that you are selecting the right shoes.

While there, you will want to check on various other things including the gear you are using while running. This can include your tops and bottoms. Finding clothing that is lightweight and wicking can be of great use to make your running experience more comfortable.

  1. Staying Safe

You want to do everything possible to ensure that you stay safe while running. You want to keep yourself free from injury. The best way to do this is by doing the appropriate stretching beforehand and by giving yourself ample time to warm up. One of the best things you can do is start with a light job before increasing your level of intensity. You should even look to incorporate dynamic stretching into your warmup routine to give your muscles some prep time. Ensure that your running shoes support your feet to avoid stress injury, take a look at the Orthotic Shop range.

From there, you should be looking to adhere to the most common safety rules when you are running on roads. Not only do you want to carry some form of formal identification with you at all times, but you should also run against the traffic when you are running on busy roads.

  1. Run and Walk

If you are just getting started, you will want to build up your stamina and your pacing. The best way to do this is by beginning your running program in a way that combines both speed walking and running. You want to complete a short burst of intense running with walking. This way, you will be able to build up your stamina. Also, it can minimize the total amount of stress you place on your joints. Try to incorporate one minute of walking and five minutes of running and continue from there.

Tips For The Run and Walk Method:

– Stay Comfortable

You should be starting as low as possible. If you need to do 1 minute of each, do it. If you can run for longer, add to your running time.

– Cool Yourself Off

After each run, you should be looking to cool yourself down. Give yourself some time to cool down after each running session. This will help you avoid suffering from tight muscles after an intense running session.

– Consistency Is Everything

As with any kind of workout, you want to aim for consistency. Consistency is key when you are looking to get results from your running workouts. Try to come up with a weekly running schedule that you will be able to use to make it a habit.

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