Animated educational videos for training

With advances in animation and video technology, the cost of producing high quality animation videos has greatly reduced in the last decade. Studies have indicated that animated videos are extremely effective for teaching people new subjects or new ways to resolve problems, do work. This is because the human brain is able to process visual and audio content, more than sixty thousand types faster than reading static text. Also many people may not read all languages. Hence increasingly training companies are preferring to hire the services of a reputed company for making training videos. Some of the different types of animated educational videos which can be made based on customer requirement are discussed below.

Presenter videos

The presenter videos are the most popular videos for training purposes. They are similar to a lecture in college or school. The presenter will directly speak to the target audience in an interesting way, so that it is easy for the audience to understand the subject which is being taught. In addition to ensuring that the presenter will provide all the information on the subject which he or she is teaching, it is also important to develop a script which will ensure that the audience listening to the presentation remains engaged, and is not easily distracted. A cartoon character can also be created instead of the presenter since the audience will be entertained, and will understand the topic better.

Demonstration videos

There are many products which are partly assembled and have to be assembled and installed by the customer. In other cases, the customer wishes to find out how to use the product or service better, explore the different features. In these cases, the seller can provide an animated demonstration video of how to install and use the product, which can be uploaded on the company website, social media. A demonstration video of how to fix commonly used problems can also be provided to the customers. This will usually reduce the customer support required to a great extent.

Screen-cast videos

Increasingly businesses are selling sophisticated software which has to be installed properly. The user should also understand the different features of the software. For this companies which are developing software or websites are finding that screen-cast videos are very effective in training their users on using the software application or website. Instead of contacting customer support on phone or email, it is more convenient for the software user to watch the screen-cast videos, and find out the right way to install or configure the software, and fix any problem he faces.

Other videos

For safety training , medical emergencies and similar conditions, the staff or others have to be trained on how they should deal with the situation in the best possible manner. For this role-play animation videos are preferred, since they will show real life situations, and what is the best way to handle these conditions. So based on the company profile, the services or products which they are selling, and the user profile, a competent animation video producer will produce high quality animated training or educational videos at a reasonable price.

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