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It is not difficult to host a child’s party. We told our kids that when we were young, we used to go to school and tell our friends that we will have a cake in our house this afternoon if they want to come over. However, our kids were skeptical. We also told them if we were lucky, we could play a few games in the garden and enjoy some fizzy orange. After saying goodbye and good luck, the children went home. They were tired, but happy. And nobody asked for loot bags!

You may be planning a wedding with lots of young guests so need to think about entertaining them to keep them occupied. Many toys and games and props will keep them busy like these light up bridesmaid flower crowns for weddings.

These days, however, children tend to expect a bit more. That is why you need to prepare.

  1. Check School Policy

Check the school policy in advance of your party because many schools have a policy on how to hand out party invitations.

For instance, children are not allowed to hand them out in their classrooms in our school. However, the school allows parents to hand them out at the school gate. It is fine, especially if you pick your children from the school gate. However, it is difficult if your children get the bus or go to after-school.

Parents are sensitive sometimes, so it can get awkward if you do not want to invite the whole class.

It is acceptable to use texts to invite kids to a party. I highly recommend you get the phone numbers from as many parents as possible in the class of your child. Get the phone numbers at the start of the year.

You can ask the class rep (if you have one) to help you get a list together and distribute the list to all the parents. Having a list makes it easy to organize play-dates.

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  1. When to Invite

7-10 days is enough for a kid’s party.

Some kids will not go to the party. To avoid confusion, do not send the invitations out any earlier. (One of my friends, who knows herself, once dropped her kid at the party house 7 days early!)

Asking children to party can make them get very excited. So, you may have to spend several hours explaining to your children that they will have to wait for 20 sleeps if you get early invites. When you are young, 20 days seem so long.

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  1. What Can I Include on the Invitations?

You can include some items on your invitations, including:



Start and End Time

Request they RSVP. If you do not send the invitations through text, provide a phone number.

Ask if some of the kids attending your child’s party have intolerances, allergies, or customs, such as they are vegetarian or they don’t eat beef or pork. The information can affect what you will serve. Asking in advance will help you cater to every child who will attend.

Do you have a theme? Include it in your invitations to give the kids an idea of how to dress up accordingly.

  1. Who to Invite?

The BFF of your child will change almost daily in the first few years, making it difficult to choose one. You can invite your family, neighbors, and preschool friends, who would love to celebrate with your child on their birthday.

Here are some other options for you:

Choose several school friends. The number should be comfortable for both you and your kid. Invite these children to your child’s party. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors to attend if the number is very small.

For juniors, you can forget the school party if it is early in the school year. Why? It might not work as children get older. You can ask family, neighbors, and preschool friends.

Invite the whole class. Inviting the whole class sounds extreme. The best way of doing this is doubling up with a parent whose kid has the same birthday as your kid. You can share the cost between you.

Host two parties. Host one party for your child’s school friends and another party for other friends, family, and neighbors. Host one out and another at home to reduce the cost and stress.

  1. What To Do

Hire an entertainer if you are having a party at home. You can book a place away from your house or run the party yourself.

You and your child will decide on this.

Here are the factors to consider:

Size of the Group – Make sure there is enough space in your house or garden to accommodate all guests. If you decide to book a party venue, consider the cost.

Time of Year – You need to check the weather. If you cannot host the party outdoors due to weather, ensure you can cope indoors. Make sure there are both indoor and outdoor facilities in your party venue.

Location and Time – Do you want to host a Friday evening child’s party on the other side of your town? If so, then it can get hard for some parents to get to and from your party. You can host the party near your home. Or you can have it in a place there is no rush hour traffic. It makes it easier for the parents to get their child to and from your party, especially if they work or have big children. I know it is not your problem. However, you must consider this before picking the time and location.

Help – You have to know if you will need help, especially if you decide not to go out or hire an entertainer. You may have to feed and entertain everyone. Managing a large group of young children is not easy, even if two adults are working together. Young children do not go to the bathroom at the same time. Your older children can help with the young children. They can also organize makeovers and games. You can even ask one of the parents to help you.

Other Parents – Do you want to invite younger children? If so, just know that some parents might want to stay close to their children or they can decide to stay with their children. Make sure there are some biscuits and tea or coffee for the parents. You can even choose a venue that is close to a café or shopping, where the parents can go.

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