A Guide to Cleaning Trainers

Cleaning trainers may seem complicated but it is easy when the steps are broken down.  Here are the steps for keeping your Nike dunks in pristine condition:

  1. A Brush

You start by using a soft bristle brush.  This will need to be used across the upper and middle of the shoe.  Make sure that you are using the right type of brush.  When doing this right, it will remove the dirt so that does not become embedded into the shoe.

  1. Soaking

This step requires a good microfiber towel to soak up the moisture.  It will also be used for smoothing over scuffs so that they can’t be seen anymore.  If your trainers are suede, this type of towel will also revive the suede.

  1. No Build Up

You need to act quickly and do not let the dust and dirt build.  If you do, it will make it so much harder to clean them.  If this happens, it can also shorten the life of the shoe.

  1. Freshen Them

How you store your sneakers will also have an impact on how long they will last.  Before you are putting away, you will want to make sure that they are clean and dry.  They should also be laced up.  Shoe fresheners in each shoe will help tremendously.  You will also want to wrap them in acid-free tissue paper for storage.  You should use the original boxes that they came in but if you have thrown them out previously, you will be able to invest in other ones.

  1. Laces

A new pair of laces can make a huge difference for you.  You might want to consider running them through the washer in order to clean them if they are dirty and you don’t want to buy a new pair.  For many people, buying new laces is also creative.  They are able to pick from so many different colors to give themselves a totally new look.

Knowing how to clean your trainers is very important.  Use the tips above to keep them looking nice so that you are able to use them for a long time to come.  Once you get in the habit of cleaning them, it is simple to keep doing so and you will be happy with them as you wear them as often as you like to.

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