Daily Problems in Office Work: How Can You Handle Them

In an office, a lot of the wasted time comes from small problems that need to be fixed on the spot. That keeps us away from the work that needs to be taken care of, so that the company can fully function and thrive. Often, we solve these little problems quickly with a fix, instead of resolving them for good, which only increases the wasted time in the long run. Here are a few ideas to fix these issues for good.

When You can’t Solve a Problem: Delegate to Someone that Can

Before we move on to precise solutions, let’s make one thing clear: Whenever you cannot or don’t know how to fix a problem, you should find someone that can. Knowing how to ask for help is a precious advantage in our daily life and our work days as well. Fixing a problem for good will not only save time, as we mentioned in the introduction, but it will also relieve you from a source of stress, which might not seem so important. But in the end, the accumulation of all those small stressors can really have an effect on a person.

Things like trying to send a file via e-mail that won’t go through because it is too big, can become frustrating. Learning to reduce the size of a PDF file will help you solve that problem for good. That’s just an example of how easy it can be to get rid of annoyances that trouble our daily work life. Let’s now find more solutions to the daily problems faced in office work.

Missed phone calls

This may not seem like such an important thing. You can always call back, right? The truth is that in business, someone should always be able to answer the phone, whenever an incoming call comes in. The potential client calling will simply look for another company to solve his problem, if he can’t reach the one he tried in the first place.

The solution to this problem is easy. If there aren’t enough employees to ensure that you never miss a call, and there aren’t enough revenues to hire a receptionist to do so, then you should hire a call handling service. For a much lower cost, you will never miss a call again.

Forgetting to Update Your Social Media

There is so much to be done in a day that keeping your social media updated on what’s going on inside the company, might not seem like the number one priority. However, it is proven that social media have become really important when it comes to a company’s visibility. Hiring a social media specialist can be quite expensive, so it might not be possible to do so.

The solution is to insert the social media posts into your planning. You can even use specialized social media scheduling tools, such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social if you want to get the most of your social media presence.

Missed e-mails

There are a few reasons why you could miss an e-mail. First, it could end-up in your junk mail, so you are unaware of it. Secondly, you might not have time to read all e-mails when you open your inbox, so you decide to skip some, and then forget to get back to them. Finally, you could be overloaded with e-mails, so one simply disappears from view. None of these possibilities should be used as an excuse. The problem is that we spend, in average, close to 30% of our workday reading and responding to mails. That can rapidly become overwhelming.

If you receive too many e-mails, maybe it is time for you to hire a virtual assistant, to manage your inbox. There are many freelance platforms where you can find one at the right price. Keep in mind that the cost of one important missed e-mail might be more costly than an assistant.

Skipped Data Entry

Data entry into a CRM can be time consuming. However, if it is not done every day, it can cause a lot of problem inside a company. For example, if there are many sales people inside the firm, the same prospect could be called twice by two different individuals, if the contact cannot be found inside the database. That’s just one the many conflicts that can happen when people skip data entry, or if it is not done right.

There is only one solution to this, if you want the office team to become more efficient? That is to hire a person which will handle data entry, within the company, or to find an external company to do so.

Work Smarter

As you have now discovered, there are ways to work smarter inside a company, so that time wasted is reduced to a minimum. Yes, sometimes it means that management will need to invest a little, in order to help employees manage their time more efficiently? But, the reality is that in all the cases mentioned above, that cost will be less that the accumulated loss.

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