Top 7 parallel jobs for extra pocket cash

Part-time jobs are the best way to earn extra money or fulfil education loans. The part-time jobs are best for students as they have to balance accommodation and food cost. Most jobs are flexible, that means you can work in your comfort timings.

If you are having trouble balancing your university assignments and part time jobs then turning to professionals is the best way out. With the global pandemic, the demand for online teaching assignment help services are skyrocketing. Take Expert Assignment help for instance, this platform has been a go-to space for aspiring teachers and university students doing their bachelors in Education. Here, you get a wide range of subject-matter experts and professors coming from all sectors and industries. Students who are facing challenges in assignment writing, dissertation look for these services.

You can even teach other students, become a tutor or help them with their papers, provided you have a good academic record. Getting a decent part time job during COVID is tough. Lucky for you I have a few options.

1.   Tutor:

Tutoring is best for students and people looking to work in their home space. The best part of taking this job is you can take up classes offline or online. This job provides flexibility to work morning or evening. Working as a tutor gives students a chance to share their knowledge.

Chegg, Skooli, eTutorworld, TutorMe are websites which offer an opportunity for online tutors.

2.   Customer care representative:

Customer care representative is best for people with good communication. Here you need to handle customer queries on call behalf of a company. Customer care representatives assure to solve customer issues. They also ensure to deliver feedback to the right team.

Basic salary of a customer care representative is $13.48 per hour. If you can reach your target, you can receive the right incentives.

A diploma or a decent degree is enough for this job. Most companies do not ask for qualifications if you have good communication. Some roles may need a special license if in the finance or insurance industries.

3.   Nursing job

Suppose you are a nursing student and need part-time opportunities then you can work as a nurse in hospitals. Many hospitals and universities provide internships for nursing students. But to start a job as a nurse, you need to complete a professional development course. These courses are essential and challenging. Often students are allotted some assignments and made to create a report. So most nursing students frequently turn to professionals for help with their nursing posters and papers. This helps them to get a high-quality result in less time.

4.   Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn extra money with fame, then Affiliate marketing is best for you. There is a great chance to make money from affiliate marketing. There are more than hundreds of websites on the internet that offer affiliate programs. You can pick affiliate programs of your choice and promote their products online.

You can earn upto 50% by selling the products of the advertisers. You do not have to break head about managing products, shipment etc.

Amazon, Flipkart, VCommission etc are famous for affiliate programs.

5.   Content Writing

Content Writing jobs are ever-evolving. It is the best part-time job for people who love writing. There are great ways you can earn money writing content. You can look at sites like Indeed, Quikr where you can get part-time and full-time jobs. Sites like Fiverr, UpWork to get freelancing opportunities. Content writing is the best job for college students. Content writing is one of the most trending and demanding jobs in today’s job market.

If you are skilled enough, then you can make around $20 per hour with this online job.

Most content writing experts often look for proofreading services for their assignment/work. Initially, when you start a career as a content writer, it can be hard for proofreading your content. Taking proofreading services helps you to deliver quality content.

Expert Assignment Help UK is a great resource for students, providing academic proofreading, thesis editing and essay writing services. This helps students focus more on their jobs as their deadlines are now taken care of.

6.   Driver

Driver jobs can be for a cab or personal. Currently there are many apps like Uber, OLA etc which provide a part-time job. You can work flexible hours and you can get good incentives. Most companies also offer insurance facilities.

You can even work like picking up orders and delivering them to the destination. Delivery driver responsibilities depend on who they work for. It may also involve planning routes to assure a good delivery trip.

Delivery driver payment can be from $15.68 per hour. The delivery driver is the most available part-time job available in Australia. This pandemic has affected the life of every human being in this universe. Most have lost jobs; some are facing salary deduction. But in high ratio, students are involved.

For a driver job, you need a valid driver license. Few companies also look for a clean driving record or may need applicants to take the driving exam.

7.   Security jobs

Security jobs are responsible for looking after the specific property. Duties may include investigating buildings, seizing criminals or unauthorized individuals, reporting security crimes.

The salary for security jobs can be around $13.16 per hour.

This job does not need a high degree. A high school diploma is sufficient. Some businesses may ask for a driver license and also clean the background check.

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