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Are you looking for some convenient tools that can help you in creating an outstanding Visual Resume? If yes, then you are on the exact post! Well, we all know that a visual resume is benefiting people in many ways, and is enclosing all of your powerful skills in graphic form to set a perfect impression on recruiters. In today’s post, we are going to learn about the best tools that will facilitate you to create visual resumes for free in minutes. Read on to know more!

Basic Concept of Visual Resume

Do you know? Recruiters take only 2 seconds to recognize a CV. If in the one look, the CV grabs the recruiter’s attention, then you will be selected for the job. It is called the first impression is the last impression! 

Well, in today’s world, a visual resume can be a key that can help you to reach new levels of success. Visual Resume is a document that includes your skills, summaries, and experiences in graphic formats. This graphic representation will visually help you to set a better impression on the recruiter. Well, You can also say that it is the concept of changing text into an image form.

Free Tools for making Visual Resume

If you want to create a visual resume, then you can use resume builders that are specifically built to design perfect resumes in just one-click. 

Now a question arises here: Which is the reliable tool for creating outstanding resumes? Well, the answer is: take a look at the below-mentioned list!

  • SmallSEOTools
  • Canva
  • Visual CV
  • Kinzaa

Let’s break down each mentioned above tool, so that we can pick the best one!

  • SmallSEOTools

Creating a resume online can consume a lot of time, but if you are using SmallSeotools, then you will never face time problem! This is a free resume maker which is the most trusted and popular online tool that contains various elements and basic techniques that make this site excellent. It will offer you a bunch of pretty templates and fonts styles. Moreover, the auto-guide system of this resume builder will make the work fast and easy.

Follow the following steps and bring ease to your professional life:-

  • Open browser and navigate to Small Seo Tools online resume builder.
  • After that, select your favorite template and fill in some valuable information like skills, summary, experience, contact details, etc.
  • Now, click on the button, and you are done. 
  • Within 2 minutes, your Resume will be in front of the device’s screen and ready to be saved.
  • Canva

It is another resume builder that is enabling you to build a resume online for free. Canva is a good platform that satisfies users with its outstanding techniques. It offers a variety of ready-made free templates that will be satisfactory for any scope. It works on Drag and drops option that enables you to upload images from your device. It contains the characteristic of cropping, editing, and sharing in a one-click option.

It’s an amazing font style that can highlight the skills so that it looks more attractive. It is a fast and secure tool that doesn’t compromise on quality and privacy.  Moreover, while downloading, you can choose formats from JPEG, PDF, or PNG. 


Here comes another superb tool that focuses on creating eye-catching and cool resumes in minutes! is an excellent platform that can correct all your job-seeking problems. Well, this web tool offers almost six attractive themes that can bring uniqueness to your Resume. It has 25+ features (styles, data, and images) that can be added to give a gentle look. Moreover, this resume builder is unique from all as it doesn’t require any lengthy procedures and money!

  • Visual CV

This resume builder tool helps to make ready to submit resumes for free. Visual CV has some unique features like it can allow you to retrieve data from LinkedIn manually at this tool. You can also receive a resume from PDF or Word. Moreover, this web tool aims to help beginners and even professionals in creating a killer visual resume!

  • Kinzaa

Last, but not least! Kinzaa’s resume builder tool comes with fantastic techniques! It is an internet-based website that helps people in finding fruitful talent. Well, it is an amazing platform for job seekers and beginners. It works with multifunctional and smart technology that makes the work fast, and easy. It has free entry for creating an outstanding visual resume in just a minute. Moreover, their priority is to provide seekers with a path without compromising on quality, accuracy, privacy, and security.


We hope that after reading this short article, you people will understand what the reason behind making a visual resume is and which free and reliable tools are best for you.

So, what are you wondering about? If you want to get your dream job, then use tools and create a visual resume now!

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