5 Ways You Can Use Glass Storage Containers

For the longest time, people are used to using plastic-made storage containers for their kitchen needs. It has become one of the unwritten rules of motherhood: you have to have a Tupperware. But as more options are invented, people are appreciating the value of using glass storage containers for most of their storing needs.

Using glass storage containers provides more benefits than just storing. Since it is made with all-natural materials, these glass jars and boxes are not harmful both to the user and the environment. It’s also highly durable when it’s properly taken care of. These containers are highly secured and will not absorb weird smells like plastic, and it’s also easy to clean. If you are looking for ways on how you can use glass storage containers, here are some of the best things that you can do with it.

1. Best for Meal Preparation

Cooking is like art. Make sure that every ingredient is carefully prepared. With the help of glass storage containers, you can store both the dry and wet ingredients that you need to cook a meal for your family. For instance, if you need to marinate a chicken overnight, instead of just putting it in a bowl, why not use a glass container with a cover to make sure that the flavors are sealed?

Another instance is if just came back from the grocery and you bought some of your baking ingredients for your party the next day. Instead of leaving them in boxes, you can use a glass container to store them until such time that you need to use it.

2. Best for Leftovers

Unless you have many people in your home who eat everything you cook until the last bite, there’s a chance that you will always have leftover food every day. You can keep these foods using a box-type glass container and keep it in your freezer. The good thing about this is that the glass components will not ruin the taste of your food. So whether you eat the food the next day or the day after that, all you need to do is to reheat it and enjoy the same sumptuous taste like it was just newly-cooked.

This also happens when you hold a party. Regardless of how many visitors you invite, you’ll most likely have a few leftover foods. Keep them in good, edible condition using a glass storage container.

3. Best for Bake-and-Store recipes

If you are an avid cook or baker, you would know that some food needs to be prepared ahead of time before you cook it in the oven. Using a rectangular glass container, you keep the freshness of your pre-prepared meal before it goes to cooking. For example, if you are making frozen lasagna, choose a glass container instead of plastic or steel dishware.

This can also be used if you are storing meat for baking the next day. As mentioned above, the meat will be more properly marinated if it sealed with freshness.

4. Best for organizing your pantry

Nothing looks more calming than a pantry that’s organized to perfection. Using glass jars of different sizes, you can create a majestic display of your kitchen necessities such as pasta, oatmeal, rice, nuts, and even dried or sliced fruits such as cranberries and raisins. Sometimes, you can also store fresh fruits and vegetables so it will be easier for you to include them in your meal.

You can also maximize the use of glass storage containers in your pantry because it is transparent. So it’s easier for you to see what’s inside the jar, even without a label. However, if you will use glass storage for items that look-alike such as salt, sugar, and flour, it won’t hurt to include a small label.

5. Best for Herbs and Spices

Since glass jars are known to preserve the flavor of food, there’s no questioning why it’s the best choice to store your herbs and spices. There are various designs of glass storage containers that are specifically for these ingredients. For instance, you choose an air-tight seasoning glass container for your condiments. You also have an option to select really nice tiny jars with flipped cover for your powdered spices such as paprika, pepper, curry, or cream of tartar.

If you are a bit of an interior designer, you can consider using a rack where you can store the little glass jars. It comes in different styles, such as stackable or rotating. In that way, it will be easier for you to choose the herbs that you need to use.

There’s a glass storage container for every need

These are just some of the best ways to use glass storage containers. You may also discover new things to add to this list once you shop for them. What are you waiting for? Start selecting the best glass storage containers in the market today.

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