Where to pay with Bitcoin

As Bitcoin is still gaining popularity, the number of places to play with the cryptocurrency is also increasing. Especially since the value of the coin continues to grow. Maybe not on a daily basis, but it definitely looks good for the long term. So if you are looking for an investment or just an anonymous way to spend your money, Bitcoin is a very interesting option. That’s why we thought it might be helpful to create a list of places where you can pay with Bitcoin. Some are more surprising than others.


Even though you might not go on a holiday any time soon, it’s good to know that this travel agent accepts the most common cryptocurrency. Because you might earn some extra cash trading Bitcoin or just start using it and then it’s helpful if you can use it for your much needed holiday. Even if you only use Bitcoin to book your last minute hotel or your rental car, it is still very convenient and lets you have more time to plan your next holiday. Because holidays are all about relaxing, where you shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay for things.

Subway Buenos Aires

As we are on the subject of travelling, you might want to head straight to Buenos Aires. It’s there that you can eat a nice foot-long sub at Subway and pay for it with your favourite cryptocurrency. We can only hope that other Subway restaurants will follow soon, as it might be a bit too far to travel to Argentina every time we are craving a sub. However, it’s nice to know this exists and it sets an example for other franchises, even from other fast food places.

Online Casino

Nowadays we are seeing more and more new casino sites that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. This makes the lives of casino players that much easier. After all, payments with Bitcoin are much more efficient and therefore much quicker. And you are not giving up quality either. You can still play all the casino games that you like, from slot machines to table games like roulette and blackjack and everything in between. A great thing that paying with Bitcoin offers is bigger bonuses than you’ll get with any other payment method. Some other payments even rule out any bonuses, so this is a definite plus for Bitcoin.


This coffee shop with franchises all around the world also started to accept Bitcoin, albeit through a third party. However, this option might take a while before it becomes available in the UK. It is still nice to know in case you are travelling to a place where you know you can get your favourite latte to go by paying with your favourite cryptocurrency. Now we can only hope other big coffee shops follow in the footsteps of Starbucks. It seems inevitable, as it is a great way for them to attract more customers in the future.

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