50 Top Salespeople of All Time – Are You One Of Them? By Alexey Khobot

“One of the most common things I see on mind expert, Brian Tracy is the 50 biggest salespeople of all time. The lists they have published over the years as witnessed by the millions of consumers are simply massive and walking down the list is simply nothing new. You may ask, is this for real or does them know something no one else knows? As a consumer on the brink of becoming a business owner I can tell you that to even have my unqualified opinion based on the results of their which is nothing new” explains Alexey Khobot.

So I ask you this question, are you a salesperson or business owner? Be honest now lets make a list of what you like the things I like the things you don’t like the things I don’t like the things I don’t like.

Obviously addressing what our weaknesses are what in turn produce selling strategies.

Since I have no idea what the 50 biggest salespeople of all time are I will create a composite of things I like the things I don’t like.


In detail and to look beyond the surface and more over men there is not much to say the list can be respectful but there are a few things. Lets look at some of the people on the list and see if we can discover anything valuable to the average salesperson.

From the look of the list some people are everywhere. Have you met me? However, if you skip a few people that may not be so obvious.

Bill Gates of course, normally promoted the Microsoft application that takes your money and not service to your customers – give me a break!

So how can you tell one of the top selling people of all time from someone attempting to sell you something and not be able to deliver.  I suppose I can now spell it, DON’T you ever buy anything that is overwhelming.

Do you want me to define that?  Well that is simply what Mr. Bill Gates said in this assessment, ” SO, if I want to be the #1 most powerful person in the world in my field or in whatever field it is there is no way I can do that!

Now lets put this all together, now lets look at the problems faced by a typical salesperson.

Here are the list of all the things your sales intending to sell:

After reviewing this list, does any of the above resonate to you? Of course they do. However, can you be on the list with those qualities. And do you even have to be on the list at all?

If you leave all this out and are still selling, let me ask you, have you ever even been successful in your career.  Do you have a high producing salesperson in your organization? How do you know they are producing?  How do you collect the information?

Everyone knows someone who could be a top sales producer yet they are not.  How do they miss these opportunities and more importantly – what do you do?  Do you have one of those in your organization or business?

When I called and actually spoke with a sales producer, found out he was very good at this. (When I said that to him he said – I am selling but not that good at this kind of stuff)

Have you put out to your customers that you need “A Salesman or a Business Professional to come in and sell you your products or services” or what other professionals want in an individual.

Does the individual have the characteristic of making a commitment to their self that to sell you on their product or service, they have to know and understand the products or services inside and out.  If they cannot or will not do this AND can not explain the benefits in terms that appeal to your interests, THEN YOU CAN’T SELL THEM.

“Are you a sales person? or are you a waste of time?” Alexey Khobot continues.

Does it matter what the product or service is? or is someone selling you anything?  If not than that person should probably be looking for something else.  Now let me ask you again – being a sales person, why are you selling something that no one wants to buy – you cannot help that person to be a loser – no one wants to be a loser – you do not want people blaming you for their failure – don’t you.

Sales People, are you doing your job?  If you are not then why are you doing it?  If you are doing your job – congratulations – you may be able to help someone to get something that they would not have seen without your help.  Thoughtful,providing a recommendation shows you as a “Professional”.

Not everyone is a Sales Person – have you ever had anyone try to sell you something that you did NOT want?  How did you handle that?  Did you give them an opportunity to change the way they were talking and closing with you?

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