7 Things You Can Do If You Are Feeling Nostalgic

Have you ever had that feeling where you suddenly miss something? That is what we call nostalgia. It is where you miss a good experience from the past, a person you always talked to, or a place that you used to go to. As a person, that is a very common thing that we all feel. The best way to deal with it is to embrace and acknowledge it. Here are some things you can do if you are feeling nostalgic. 

Play some games

As a child, you probably had a go-to video game that you always look forward to wherever you go home after school. Seeing the old school graphic of your favorite video games can instantly bring you a journey to the past. Here are the best nostalgic games that you can play if you miss your childhood. Some of the games have been iconic and continue to gain traction even after years of its release. You can play Club Penguin, Stardoll, or Snood. Luckily, these games are still accessible. 

If you don’t want to play some video games, you can always revisit some physical games you used to do. It may be playing tag, hide-and-seek, or Marco polo. You are never too old to play some games from your childhood. There are also a bunch of card games you can play with your family and friends. For example, Uno, monopoly Deal, Black Jack. 

Curate a playlist of old songs

Nothing can invoke your nostalgia like music. Songs can instantly remind you of a specific memory, place, or person. Are you one of the best people who would always create mixtapes back in the days? Then you can recreate your old mixtapes by creating playlists. Unfortunately, creating old school mixtapes can be a challenge since they are becoming obsolete. Luckily you can use apps like Spotify or YouTube to create your playlist. There are also tons of ready-made playlists in case you need one on the spot. 

Watch your favorite childhood movies

With everyone rushing around, when was the last time you saw your favorite childhood movie? You can watch some Disney movies, classic chick flicks, or a timeless horror film. Much better if you bring your family together and organize a movie night. The more, the merrier! Some families like to turn them into traditions. 

There are a bunch of movies that you can still access online like Home Alone, Pretty In Pink, Freaky Friday, Indiana Jones, and more! 

Organize your photographs

Go all out when it comes to remembering the things you love. Organizing your photos and photo albums will make you realize how fast time flies. If you have the time, you should create digital copies of your old photographs. This way, you are sure that you have a copy with you forever. Or you can also print your digital copies and create a scrapbook. Organizing your photos is best when you are doing it with your family. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a lot of stories that will be brought up in each photograph. Some that you probably never heard of before! 


Process all your emotions and feelings through meditation. You can make it more special by lighting incense or a scented candle, turning down the brightness of your room, and playing some zen background music. Meditating can help you bring up some memories that you once forgot. Acknowledge the feelings brought upon by nostalgia, whether you feel sad, happy, or angry. 

Clean Your Room 

Nope, we are not tricking you in doing so. However, organizing your drawer, moving your stuff around, and reorganizing your room can unearth a lot of stuff that you used to love. You might find an old movie, a toy that you loved when you were a kid, or a top that you liked to wear every day years ago. Once you find these items, you will probably forget about organizing your room. 

Call An Old Friend

A lot of people will come and go in your life that you’ll lose track of. We all do a lot of things simultaneously that we often lose touch with a lot of people. If you can, why not call up some old friends? Talk about the past, how your friendship started, and how things were before. Reconnecting with old friends can remind you of youth and freedom. And who knows, you might rekindle an old friendship. 

Deal with nostalgia healthily 

How about you? What do you like to do when you are feeling nostalgic? If you are looking for things to do to remember the past, you can refer to this article thread. Before, nostalgia is seen as something negative. However, nostalgia is the acknowledgment of good memories which can uplift people’s mood. Feeling sentimental is a healthy human trait that we all go through.

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