How to optimize your workplace

With the rise of the internet and digital platforms, more and more people started working from home or remotely. Covid-19 catapulted this trend and essentially forced most people who could work from home to do exactly so. And this naturally also meant that workplaces were able to identify both advantages and disadvantages associated with working from home. Maybe it also made you wonder what you could do to optimize your workplace and make it more attractive. Or what you could do to cater to people who want to work at home. In any case, it really made people rethink what we value in our place of work.

Comfortable seating

Whether you are working from home or working at the office, all employees need to have comfortable seating. While you cannot force your employees to have the most suitable seating in their homes, you can encourage them to do so by reminding them of the health benefits – or you could even consider making the annual Christmas gift an office chair to all employees. They will definitely thank you – and you might thank yourself at a later point too as you will avoid having employees with back or neck pains as well as injuries – in the worst case scenario.

Portable mouse and keyboard

Now that people are indeed switching between working from home and working from the office, a portable mouse and keyboard are an even more relevant investment for the office. That way, you can allow your employees to very easily bring the office back home and do their work from there in the most optimal way. A portable mouse and keyboard are more than often very lightweight and work via Bluetooth, making it even easier to carry them around from A to B.

Workflow automation platforms

A workflow management system is also an extremely effective tool when it comes to optimizing workflows and thereby arguably also the workplace. These platforms are designed to automate as many workflows as possible, making sure your business runs smoothly and makes full use of time and its workforce.

The platforms are especially suited for businesses that rely on effective and strong customer service, as the system can sort different emails and inquiries into categories and much more. As an extra added bonus, using these kinds of platforms allow you to store all customer service data in one place – making it easy to find and to navigate around.

Make sure your business is as digital as possible

We’ve already touched upon this a little through the mention of workflow automation platforms and optimizing the workplace. Being digital is an extremely important factor for a business that wants to function as optimally as possible. This means having the right technology for all departments, moving away from manual labor and prioritizing storing everything digitally – that is contracts, orders, onboarding, inventory etc.  And naturally, it also means investing in the best platforms, systems and programs for your business and its employees to use.

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