Every Student’s Guide in Dealing with Space Shortage

Students always experience the struggle of packing every single object to bring to their dorm before university begins. Some may be leaving their dorms for a while but don’t know where to store their accumulated items. Having a space shortage may seem unresolvable, but there’s a simple solution to this problem: self-storage.

What is self-storage anyway, and how can it help resolve students’ problems with space shortage?

Self-Storage: Every Student’s Lifesaver

A self-storage is a unit or space rented by individuals, like students, to store their personal belongings. These are usually rented monthly, with the assurance of keeping your items safe, secured, and in the same condition when you first stored them there.

Self-storage units provide several benefits to offer for college students attending universities. They provide enough space for dorms and apartments, especially if you’re living with a roommate. There are also a variety of sizes to choose from, depending on how many items you want to store. Also, self-storage’s monthly fees are budget-friendly – perfect for students who rely on an allowance and are on a tight budget.

Now you may be thinking of self-storage vs. full service storage. Most students choose self-storage units because you own the space or unit you’re renting, and you can stack as many items as you want. Full-service storage, on the other hand, is a feature where you contact the company to pick up, store, and deliver your items on demand. While the latter may be more convenient, it costs much more than self-storage units.

Ways to Use Self-Storage Units

As a student, you need to be wise on utilizing self-storage units, especially if you have several items. Here are some ways on how to use self-storage units:

Store Your Belongings While You’re Away

If you’re visiting home, going abroad, or you just need somewhere to store your items over the break, self-storage units provide a safe and secure place to keep your items while you’re away. Some units offer climate control features to keep them in good condition.

Use As An Offsite Closet

Having different seasons throughout the year means you need to wear outfits that are in season and hide those that aren’t needed. It is highly recommended to rent a self-storage unit for your off-season outfits so it won’t take up space in your dorm closet. You can rent a nearby self-storage facility if you need quick access to your stored outfits.

Parking for Vehicles

Students usually bring cars to the campus, but they may not even use them until the end of the semester. There isn’t enough space to park your car inside the campus, or renting a parking space can be costly. A self-storage unit can also work as vehicle storage, and you can ensure its safety as the vehicle storage facility has high-security systems. You can also access it anytime if you need to run a couple of errands.

Safe Place for Your Most Treasured Items As You Graduate

Once you graduate from college and look for a job at a location far away from your university, chances are there won’t be enough space for all the items you kept during your college years. The self-storage unit can be used as a safe place for your well-kept and treasured items as you explore the area looking for your next career move.

Summing It Up

If you’re starting your college journey, make sure to include self-storage units in your budget. This saves you time, money, and energy as you start to figure life on your own. Whenever you need more storage space, make sure to contact a reliable self-storage facility near you.

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