How is Artificial Intelligence Improving Entertainment?

Artificial intelligence really is the next stage when it comes to revolutionizing the entertainment industry. The technology is becoming more advanced by the year and is now able to do things that were previously inconceivable. It seems that the world is moving towards a stage in which entertainment options will be perfectly geared towards each individual user. This is all thanks to AI.

AI Has Already Revolutionised Sport

While AI development has occurred across various industries, it is clear to see that it has had the biggest impact in the sports industry. Not only is it used by professional sports teams for training and performance analysis, but it can also be used by people who watch and stake on the games.

One of the most astounding uses of AI in sports is to do with the player transfer market. The technology can analyze historical data and then use this to predict how well young players may turn out to be in the future. This can give teams a competitive edge when it comes to purchasing players at the right time and at a low price.

For viewers of sports, betting has always been a popular pastime. The seasoned pros know what to consider when predicting horse race winners, but computers can now do this even more effectively. Bettors can access tools that draw on a vast amount of historical data, enabling them to make reasonably accurate assertions about which horse may win a race.

A Positive Impact on Advertising and Recommending Entertainment Options

The effects of AI development have been most noticeable in the sports industry, but they have also begun to permeate entertainment to put people in touch with the things that they want to see. Netflix and Spotify both have highly advanced algorithms that allow them to make recommendations to subscribers based on their past preferences. The longer someone is a member of these sites, the better the suggestions will be.

Advertising has, perhaps, seen the best changes in recent years. The days of people being shown adverts that don’t apply to them are soon to be in the past, especially when browsing things online. Internet advertising allows marketers to target their perfect demographic with

laser-like focus, based on the things they have searched for in the past. Anything people do online is added to a sprawling database so, in the future, these ads will become even more specific and relevant to each user.

These examples have only scratched the surface of what is possible in the entertainment industry when it comes to using AI. Soon, it would be reasonable to expect that subscription services will know what we want to watch even before we do. On top of the viewing experience, AI can even improve customer support when users face issues. For instance, Cogito’s AI analyses phone calls to improve customer support performance and ensure operators provide better service next time.

The future truly is now and we can only sit back and watch it unfold before us.

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