Some Common Yard Sign Mistakes to Avoid

Customized yard signs seem to be an incredibly popular promotional tool for outdoor advertising today. They are just right for all kinds of businesses especially, small businesses. You can opt for yard signs even when you have budgetary constraints. They are compact, simple, affordable, and incredibly versatile. We understand that yard signs have a host of applications and uses and are ideal for a wide variety of locations. They are the most popular and powerful marketing tool for corporations and small entrepreneurs.

According to Marketing Schools, outdoor marketing refers to all forms of marketing conducted outdoors. We understand that billboards, both digital, and print constitute 65% of the entire outdoor marketing. However, yard signs or signs on public benches and buses are also phenomenally popular for advertising and promotions. These yard signs are best for awareness campaigns for businesses and elections.

Yard signs are undoubted the most effective tool for grabbing the attention of new clients. Small business owners prefer to use these signs because they seem to be approachable, eye-catching, professional, and memorable. Many companies try to minimize their expenses. They often end up making some glaring mistakes that may adversely impact sales. Here are some yard sign design and marketing mistakes to avoid.

Mistake: Improper Spacing & Wrong Alignment

As per Forbes, letter-spacing errors could prove to be quite challenging. A major yard sign blunder is not bothering to measure first. Signs are bound to look quite unsightly if there is no space or room left for the last lettering. Eventually, the lettering starts bumping against each other as they are compelled to get together. It is of pivotal importance to measure accurately where the sign will be going before you get the letters, and it is best to size all the lettering as per specific requirements. Remember to allow a balanced negative space all around the letters. If you are arranging the letters you may rely on a paper template. It can help with perfect alignment and spacing.

Mistake: Unsuitable Material Choice

No material can be regarded as the wrong material for your yard sign. However, some materials are just right for yard signs and are great for specific applications or uses. If your sign is utilized for a short span, a relatively lighter material will be working best for you. If you are looking for yard signs for extended use, opt for premium materials. Never compromise on the quality of the yard signs.

Mistake: Not Performing Proper Repair or Maintenance

Signs manufactured by using poor-quality materials necessitate regular maintenance. You must conduct regular monitoring and proper maintenance of your signage like power washing. Make sure that your custom yard signs are always in pristine condition.

Mistake: Not Remembering Double-Sided Option

Customize your yard signs so that there is maximum visibility. If you are customizing your yard sign, it is best to opt for a legible, and simple design. You may just highlight the company name, contact number, and slogan. Keep in mind that people are mostly driving past the yard signs. So they hardly get the time or the opportunity to absorb all the information in the blink of an eye.


You have invested your valuable resources in making your logo, website, and overall business image impressive however you cannot make the mistake of not paying attention to the yard sign. A fantastic office or storefront could speak volumes about your overall brand image.

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