Features of cricket betting

Cricket is a rather difficult sport to understand, with a huge number of nuances in the rules. It gained popularity in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, India, South Africa and some states of South Asia.

Despite the low prevalence of this sport, the volume of bets on it is large.

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Features of cricket

Visually, everything is similar to baseball, there is also a player who throws the ball and hits it. This is where the visual similarity ends and the differences begin:

  • the team has 11 players and a substitute;
  • the competition is held in a special circle;
  • the team that attacks can score points. The main task of the second
  • team is to remove the players from the first team;
  • in defense there is a bowler and 10 outfield players who are evenly placed on the pitch. The batsmen are attacking, the attacking players are in the pitch, they are at different ends of the circle;
  • batsmen score points when the ball is bounced away from the field players of the second team so that it has time to run to the other end of the pitch before the players touch the bounced ball;
  • the defending team knocks out the batsman if the thrower was able to destroy the wicket or the batsman deflected the ball so that the field players could catch him before he touched the ground;
  • all bowlers throw within one over.

Before placing bets, you should study some of the nuances.

Terms of play

It is necessary to take into account:

  • pitch features;
  • local climate.

Fast coverage is preferred by the thrower. It is more difficult for the hitter to hit the ball. The slow cover is on the batsman’s side because the ball is flying at a slow speed.

Climatic conditions must be taken into account when games are played between national teams. It is difficult for the Indian team to compete in Australia due to the rapidly changing climate zone. If the competition is held in test mode for 5 days, then the team from Australia has a better chance of winning.


The competition is held in natural light conditions, pauses during rain, and because of such a pause, no time is added if the game is played in a test mode.

For example, in the first 3 days, one of the teams leads with a huge lead, the next day the second team turned the tide of the struggle and began to gradually catch up with the leader, but it started to rain, which continued for part of the 5th day. In this case, the time will not be added, the teams will play out the daylight hours of the 5th day.

That is why betters with experience study the weather conditions of the region where the teams play.

Draw results

Experienced bettors, when two teams of equal strength meet, often expect the results of the draw.

The team that attacks first gains an advantage and, if played correctly, can seize the initiative from the start and take the lead.

In cricket, balls are not changed if they are slightly worn out, as a rule, this happens after the 80th over. The field ceases to be level, it is difficult to predict where the ball will bounce, it is more difficult for the batsman to hit it and earn a point.

Making bets

Experienced betters usually play live and choose test matches. If you closely watch the competition, know the advantages and disadvantages of the teams, then from time to time you can find distortions in the line and make promising bets. There are no universal strategies, the bettor just needs to be careful and know the teams well.

When the game takes place in a long format, betters pay great attention to the period of the competition, in which the balls are changed. In this case, the team often increases the advantage. If there is a strong batsman during this period, he is better at hitting new balls and getting points faster. A strong bowler with a weak batsman will twist the balls better, preventing the opponent from quickly earning points.

When betting before the start of the competition, bettors often bet on the favorite if he is in good shape, and the conditions of the game and the climate will not affect his game. In this sport, clear favorites often win, which makes it possible to use the “ladder”.

You can stop at a long-term type of bet – the winner of the tournament. Often bookmaker companies put high quotes on 3-4 favorites, which makes it possible to successfully use the “fan” strategy.

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