Why do you need to play video games?

In the past, playing video games was branded as a harmful activity. Parents generally insisted their children play physical games rather than holding controllers in front of screens. Without any valid evidence, so many bad things were associated with video games.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case. There are many reasons, backed by extensive studies, that encourage us to play video games.

Are you still skeptical?

We’ll tell you why games are perfect for you.

Reduce mental age

No one can deny that we get older over time. No matter how well your diet is or how often you go to the gym, the body ends up getting fragile and weekly.

Likewise, the mind also undergoes the same ageing process.

A study conducted at the University of Iowa showed that video games could offer high resistance to mental ageing. Research, based on 651 people, found that playing a video game for 10 hours alarmingly slows mental decline in people 50 and older.

Like our bodies, our minds also need specific exercises to stay in shape, and video games, in general, seem to contain all of these necessary ingredients. For further information, click here to learn more.

Improve decision making

Players cannot afford to take a casual approach. Players need to think fast and even anticipate foreseeable future events to become winners.

All of this allows us to think in fractions of a second.

Quick decision making is a blessing. Whether in your academic, professional, or personal life, being quick is sure to influence everywhere. If you are very skillful, you can also become a professional gamer and learn how to earn money by playing video games.

Keep dyslexia at bay.

Opinion experts, dyslexic children, have difficulty reading because they have to shift their attention from word to word quickly. Due to its lack of focus, speed and precision are often compromised.

According to well-documented research published in Current Biology, dyslexia could be cured through video games.

Researchers have found that in the early stages, children with dyslexia are particularly vulnerable to visual attention. Therefore, introducing video games earlier in your treatment could positively affect your reading skills.

Fast movement games are beneficial in improving visual attention as they always keep you on your toes. Events can turn dramatically against you in the blink of an eye. Therefore, the research team concluded that these games are a healthy practice for children with dyslexia.

You become a better team player.

Previous video games have been criticized for isolating people. Because they prevented us from going out and socializing. However, things have changed today. Multiplayer video games have played an essential role in connecting people.

It doesn’t matter if your friend is sitting miles away from you, as long as you have a cell phone and have access to a decent internet connection, you can team up with them and play their favorite video game.

You can even connect with strangers and eventually become good friends. Teamwork is an essential component of our life. Lately, many professions have focused on teamwork. Therefore, if you play video games, there is a good chance that you will cooperate better with those around you.

Boost Creativity

Michigan State University conducted an extensive study, which found that playing video games can enhance creativity, regardless of the type of video game played. It is up to you to decide whether you play puzzles or action games.

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