Accident of Free Fire Pro Results in Death

A shock to the community of the multiplayer battle royale game, Free Fire, one of the most downloaded games in Google Play store.

A Free Firepro player dies in a tragic accident in his hometown in Brazil. Disbelief for the very unfortunate fatality prevails in the global community of the industry as well as in the UK with many fire pro players bearing the news. One of the players and also a streamer for LOUD, Carolina Voltan, posted a memorial photo in her social media accounts for Thiago Henrique.

There is not an official confirmation of the accident, however, his team announced and confirmed the death through their Twitter account.
In 2019 Thiago was in the squad called “GOD” where he managed to finish in the fourth place of season three in the Firepro league of his home country. As his skills were increasing for the game, he then decided to switch to his current squad, Vivo Keyd, where he took second place in the first season of the Fire league of 2020.
The games are the shorter and more condensed version of other famous shooting and discharging games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite. Despite the massive demand for the game, Thiago was one of the top players worldwide.

Esport teams in Brazil all paid respect to the sudden death of Thiago. The Brazilian e-commerce company “Kabum!” that deals with information technology and electronics also expressed their condolences for the unfortunate loss of the player. Admittedly, Weedzão and Liquid also expressed their feelings through their social media accounts and conveyed that the community will find a hard time dealing with his absence.

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