Zoom to the top with these tips for making a virtual quiz

It would be fair to say that despite lockdown keeping people apart from so many of their friends and family, the vast majority have also made more effort to keep in touch and remain sociable.

Incredible and so very British, that amidst a pandemic, with everyone shut indoors other than for exercise, that we should find ways and means of connecting, having fun and making sure those closest to us stay positive. All thanks to the wonders of technology and the ‘zoom boom’. 

Family quizzes, meetings, sports exercises, evenings in with friends and games nights, to name a few, are how many have passed the time during this difficult period. Strange to think that technology has been relied on to keep everyone connected, when for many years now, the technological advances have been feared. Parents anxious over children growing up attached to phones or tablets, others worrying that the human race will become too reliant on technology and lose their jobs, all concerned that personal connections will be lost.

Yet as a result of the pandemic, it is technology that has brought everyone closer together. It has been thrust upon us, and it has been embraced. 

Web developer Matt Mullenweg said, “Technology is best when it brings people together” and whilst online gaming might do that for some, zoom quizzes with family and friends has done just that over the last few months. It might be different, but it has certainly been fun! 

Now, it might feel an onerous task when it is your turn to host the quiz. Nerve racking perhaps. So here are some top tips to help you be the best host.


  1. Variety is key – imagine you are a child at school. How would you be kept engaged and entertained during a lesson? By doing the same thing repetitively? No. This would be boring. So use the same methodology with your quiz. Keep everyone on their toes. Not just questions and answers. From picture rounds to name the song… history questions to riddles….guessing the actors to emojis. Variety is the spice of life. 
  2. Know your audience – Quizzes with friends are very different to those with your parents. So for example, if they have no interest in sport, yet you do, don’t do a round about football, it won’t go down well! Personalise your quiz. Make sure there is something for everyone.
  3. Time is crucial – Too short, and people won’t have got stuck in…. yet too long and they will switch off and get bored. Or worse, fall asleep! 5 rounds with 10 questions in each. Maybe have a bonus round up your sleeve in case they are having so much fun they don’t want it to end. Always leave time for a chit chat – as that’s the real reason behind the quizzes. 
  4. Points mean prizes – Whilst it is just for fun, everyone likes some healthy competition. You don’t do a quiz without trying to win! So as a group, decide what that means. Does the loser or winner have to be the host next week? Do they get to pick a fancy dress theme? Do they get a prize? Make it worthwhile yet light hearted. It will make all the difference!
  5. Think outside the box – Easier said than done. But do something different. Dare to be different. The world is full of ordinary. Scavenger hunts around the house, use different apps such as Kahoot or Psych, think of easy yet entertaining fancy dress ideas, Pictionary or charades, hum the tune – anything goes! Make it memorable. After all, 2020 is not a year that will be forgotten.


All of this might sound like a lot of work. So another piece of advice – whilst you are making your quiz, order a takeaway! Better yet, have a round on takeaways in your quiz! Does the UK order more Pizza or Chinese? According to a recent research done by Betway Insider you’d be surprised to find that in Russia the most searched word on the net during the lockdown has been vegan food.

Finally, it might be helpful to hear some opinions of quizzes to date with a few final reminders. 


It felt like I was at school – I didn’t know any of the answers and just felt dumb. Advice – don’t just do rounds on Geography, history or politics. Variety!

It may sound silly, but make sure your internet connection is decent. You don’t want to waste time and have it drag on for hours! 


I loved the retro theme tune round. Took me back to my youth. We all just sat singing along to each one. University all over again. Remember to know your audience. 

I like it when we have a screen share so its visual. Something where we have to use logic. Like dingbats. Think outside the box. 

After all, the purpose of technology is not to confuse the brain, but to serve the body. (William S Burroughs) Meaning, let the virtual quizzes be fun, entertaining and a positive boost for everyone involved during these uncertain times. Just because life is different at the moment, it doesn’t mean we can’t spend time with our loved ones.  

Make connecting with others a daily priority. John Maxwell. 

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