The Top Five E-Commerce Opportunities Around the World

Google has now gone to a mobile-first Internet, and e-commerce has continued to grow becoming the dominant force in the online world, and fast taking over from bricks and mortar businesses. The transition to online shopping and business has come swiftly, and there are still plenty of opportunities out there for those looking to take a slice of the cake.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that your business can benefit from a presence in the online world and set up a site that will potentially thrive for many years to come.

  • Digital marketing

Google is starting to integrate more and more artificial intelligence into its algorithm, creating a very interesting place to research data and to work in general. Digital marketing is becoming more about engaging customers and understanding the natural language processing of algorithms that are being developed.

With old school SEO techniques giving way to more advanced methods of improving your online visibility, there are lots of opportunities in the digital marketing space for e-commerce companies to enter a new niche.  If you are looking for professional SEO services for your business, you can check Digital Cornerstone.

E-commerce digital marketing is going to make or break companies over the next 48 months. You need to get your business on Google and get engaging potential customers.

  • Drop shipping

Drop shipping involves doing all of the marketing and customer support for products, having delivered directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler to your website visitors. This takes a lot of the logistics out of the process and allows you to focus on the marketing. With companies like Alibaba now delivering in shorter delivery cycles around the world, there is going to be an increasing demand for drop shipping companies from those looking to enter or grow in the niche.

  • Virtual reality shopping

Virtual reality technology and computer power have got to a level where the online shopping experience will change very quickly over the next year or two. Virtual reality is a technology that fits beautifully into the e-commerce niche and is going to be not just an opportunity, but a must-have for many online retailers. That reality will allow visitors to experience products in a more tangible way than simply looking at pictures, giving businesses an advantage over any competitors who are too slow to move on this innovation.

  • Live streaming sales

Increasing broadband bandwidth, and particularly 5G Internet means that streaming on your mobile devices and tablets has become easier than ever. There is a big opportunity for e-commerce to tap into consumer desire to watch streaming media by creating engaging and interesting live streams to demonstrate product functionality. This will take creativity and innovation in developing processes that really and truly build customer engagement and can convert viewers into buyers.

  • Faster delivery, more opportunity

Amazon has famously started using drone delivery to get items to people quickly. This mechanism that further simplifies logistics ensures that people can instantly gratify their shopping desires. Using e-commerce to market easily commutable products through new delivery mechanisms like drones will be a big opportunity over the coming years.

Those that fail to incorporate speedy delivery of certain items will fall out of the market fast as they will become uncompetitive. While the Amazon method is currently more of a marketing stunt, we might see some big changes in the not too distant future with how we use drones to solve logistics problems.

These are five key opportunities in the e-commerce space that are going to drive the marketplace. The keys are going to be engagement and reliability, as well as speed and trying to create a human face to the organisation.

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